The Holden Colorado won't be outdone in newly launched integrated campaign via The Monkeys

Holden_Colorado (1).jpgHolden has unveiled its latest campaign, 'Holden Colorado, Not To Be Outdone'", to promote the hard-to-beat capabilities of its Colorado range.

Created by The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive, the integrated campaign puts the Holden Colorado through its paces, proving the truck is not to be outdone.

Directed by Hamish Rothwell of Goodoil Films, the brand film features a man and his Colorado take on a mountain goat in an epic race to the top of a mountain. In this battle of man versus beast, the driver and his vehicle challenge deep rivers, large boulders and steep-mountain climbs to outdo his goat nemesis.

Holden_Colorado 2 (1).jpgThe campaign will roll out across broadcast, out of home advertising, digital, radio, press and on Holden-owned social channels.

Says Ant Keogh, chief creative officer, The Monkeys Melbourne: "The ad's strength is that it's simple but unexpected. It's hugely entertaining while subtly showing off driving performance and ruggedness."

Says Natalie Davey, general manager, marketing and digital, Holden: "'Not To Be Outdone' is the perfect platform to showcase the capability of our Colorado range and the campaign brings this to life in a bold and memorable way, which we know will break through the advertising clutter in a fresh and confident way."

Client: GM Holden
General Manager, Marketing & Digital: Natalie Davey
Brand Communications Manager: Josh Cunningham
Product Marketing Senior Manager: Andre Scott
Brand Communications Coordinator: Tom Richards

Agency: The Monkeys
CCO: Ant Keogh
Head of Strategy: Mike Derepas
Head of Production: Romanca Jasinski
Group Content Director: Lee Lowndes
Content Director: Navin Arunasalam
Copywriter: Cody Naetzker
Art Director: Zenon Predecki

Production Company: Goodoil Films
Director: Hamish Rothwell
Producer: Andrew McLean
Executive Producer: Simon Thomas
Director of Photography: Dariusz Wolski

Editor: Pete Sciberras @ ARC

Post: Alt. VFX
Production Design: John Allan

Sound: Nylon Studios - Paul Le Couteur
Music: Level Two Music - A Tribe called Red, "Electric Pow Wow"


First said:

This might be the first ad in Campaign Brief this year, that has been worthy of appearing. Lovely. This is what we should be sending press releases about people!

Huge Journey said:


Target Market said:

Good, honest ute commercial that's plenty of fun. Love the track.

Jamie Clift said:

Congratulations. Great spot.

Kidding? said:

Ok....just ok..

Stop kidding each other.

@kidding said:

@kidding if you think you’ve seen something better than this
This year you are kidding yourself. This is a great spot, funny,
brilliant track- best Ute as since Toyota’s nothing soft get in.
Love it!

Do something advertising said:

First Australian car ad I've liked for a long time.

Love it said:

I had a cheesy grin on my face through most of that. Nice stuff.

Sort of said:

but it ain't Border Patrol.

The gag is given away in the first 5 seconds....then the story runs through some very ordinary set ups before the inevitable unfunny end shot....

It's ok...but that's about it.

but said:

'Created by The Monkeys, part of Accenture Interactive, the integrated campaign puts the Holden Colorado through its paces, proving the truck is not to be outdone.

But it does get outdone - the goat wins?

Wow said:

This is brilliant. Well done all involved.

Lamppost said:

Niiiiiiiiiiiiiice. Well done Cody & Z. Woof woof.

JW said:

Best thing Holden has done in years.

Ant has arrived.

Well done to the client for backing it in.

Hot Yung Creative Guy said:


'Sort of', really? said:

Surely that is some crazy jilted hidden agenda talk, couldn't disagree more.
Best spot I've seen for a long time, great idea, great execution.
It's got a goat in it.

Ping said:

@Sort of
What are you talking about "The gag is given away in the first 5 seconds"?
That's called the 'setup' and without it you would have no story to speak of.
Go back to ad school.

Great said:

Great talent, great soundtrack, beautifully produced.

There's nothing not to like, just good plain fun.

Nicely done Z and C.

Damn said:

I love this
I've just watched it twice

Melbourne Monkey said:

So much astroturfing from a Melbourne office desperate to impress.

The ad is fine. Let’s not get too excited

there's something about the music said:

Gives me the same feels as the last car ad I liked.

Shock horror said:

Any Keogh makes a TV ad.
Old school

Master baiter said:

@ Shock Horror.

Wow - you really got him there. What a zinger. I bet he will cry himself to sleep tonight on his bed of gold lions from the past 20 years - from multiple channels.

The work is good. Not his best, but it is better than most other stuff out there.

Shock Horror said:

Hi Master baiter, I'm sure Ant will be fine.
My point, and thank you for allowing me to be more explicit, is that getting all excited about producing a TV ad seems an old-fashioned move for an agency trying to make a name for themselves in a modern communications world.
Then again, if you look at the agency's leadership, perhaps its not surprising at all.

Entertaining said:

Long live TV

Misty-eyed said:

Ahhh, a TV ad. Takes me back to '05.

Nice spot though. Goat vs 4x4 isn't original by any means but the execution here is so good it's hard not to like.

Steve said:

Made me smile...job done

yup said:

+1 @Shock Horror

Cool Bro said:

Nice ... needs a better ending. But this is nicely done!

Master baiter said:

@ Shock horror. Bait taken - thank you.

It does say it is an integrated idea in the article, not TV, but from your post it looks like you are snow blind with bias and looking for whatever you can to discredit your biggest threat.

This is by far the best campaign out of Melbourne this year, and no doubt one of the best in the country. Just do better work, and you'll be fine. You just need good leadership...oh wait....

Ant-Social said:

We can all bag TV but it will still get in front of more eyeballs than the rubbish Facebook posts you digital dimwits trot out. Social is the junk mail of the 21st Century.

Just beaut said:

Such a good ad.

That casting said:

Billy meets Gruff.

Great track too, unexpected.

Nothing wrong with film said:

Yeah why would I want to effortlessly watch an entertaining bit of film when instead I could engage with an activation by scanning a QR code and then have a digital conversation with the holden brand because I just love having two way conversations with brands. It even beats having friends.

Detachable goatee said:

I'll just be honest. Unfortunately this is depressingly average. Maybe it's just the flat direction that makes me feel that way. The Toyota Hilux spot recently had a much better 'chase' concept execution.

All I really took away from this one was: man spots a goat and drives up a hill. Goat follows. Cue laughter...Couldn't really find a point where I engaged with it.

Great music though, was a nice change from gravel-gargling covers of Fleetwood Mac.

@ Nothing wrong with film + Ant-Social said:

I'm with you, telly done well shits goat plops all over mindless digi-claptrap.

Now, back the film up with a great digital idea and you've got a real winner.

Kinda disheartening said:

Isn't this just...sort of...ok?!? I mean, it's not that great at all really, but the fact a lot of people on here think it's the best thing since sliced bread is concerning. That just shows how low the bar for craft these days. Not so long ago, this would have been one of it's a standout. Sad face.

OMG! said:

I find the spot quite ordinary, but how has no one at The Monkeys ever seen this famous print ad for Landrover.

@OMG said:

Who gives a fuck about a 14 year old print ad from London?

Bullshit said:

Pretty shit looking car and completely outdone by any Toyota or even Ford. The last place you’ll see a Colorado is on a New Zealand mountain top.

Switzerland said:

So it seems the Clems Melbourne vs Monkeys Melbourne rivalry is alive. Nice slanging match guys.

I’m sure the leadership at both agencies is just fine. Chill out.

This work doesn’t deserve massive plaudits and it doesn’t deserve to have shit thrown at it either. Everyone relax.

Fuck off Switzerland said:

This is Australia and everyone cops it when the work is shit regardless....It’s called equality.

yep said:

been done a lot, Landrover and Mitsubishi back in the 80's

Realist said:

It's not a great ad and it's not a bad one's just average. The soundtrack is good, the ending flat and as has already been pointed out the goat story has been done many times before.That said, it's also better than most ads on the telly.

@OMG/tool said:

I think the client who has paid good money for the 'original' idea would give a fuck, don't you think?... now back to your banner ad on a late Friday evening, muppet.

Oi, from Sydney said:

Can you all black wearing, soy latte drinking, crossfit yoga vegan wannabe hipster f&#kers stop pulling eachothers unwashed beards please? Bloody Melbournites!
This is the best car ad i've seen come out of Australia in a long time. Simple idea, beautifully crafted. I think we can expect more of this from Holden now.
As for those questioning the medium, I'd say a TV ad is perfect for your blue collar audience. I'm watching the footy right now (yes the real footy, not that AFL shit) and it just came on. It stood out like Goats balls.
And... do you guys really want question Ant's abilities too ... geez, how f#*king dumb are you Melbourne Muppets.
Anyway, back to the footy... c'mon Dragons!

Yo Monkeys said:

It's ok for a car ad I guess. But nobody is buying your 'best ad done this year...' bullshit.
I raise you the AFL work done by your friends at Clems, or the Carsales work by CHEP.
I'm sure there are plenty of other worthy contenders that trump your 'baby' too.

@realist said:

I agree with your overall opinion of the work but completely disagree with your forgivness for its quality based on “most other ads on Tv being average”. You just lowered the bar instead of raising it...and we should all be fighting for better work. Don’t judge this idea against the crap on TV, judge it against the best Ute/car ad ever done, then you will see it’s true quality.

DDBs Naked Ute campaign was brilliant. Saatchi’s multiple Unbreakable Hilux ads globally awarded and brilliant. Don’t even go into Landcruiser “Border security” and the many before that as that will only depress us all. This Holden ad is ordinary and won’t do loads to sell the product as both ad and car lack the greatness Colorado needs to win in this highly competive Ute market. Maybe the rest of the campaign is strong and will make the difference. For the sake of the new Monkeys Melb office and new client I hope so and Good luck to them.

Peanuts said:

It’s fun, but it ain’t brilliant. Thank you for the entertainment.

Blah Blah Blah said:

Way too much chat from some one-eyed Monkeys for something so ordinary.
A year since you started and this is the best your agency can poop out?

Who did it? said:

Oh my, speaking of car ads ... has anyone seen the Hyundai ad where each hair on a blokes arm start singing and dancing to the song 'more than a feeling?
Who the hell did that crap? It's embarrassing.

The beer boys said:

Like a mediocre beer ad. Which is basically what the three amigos at the Melbourne Monkeys have been churning out for the last five years.

So bad, it's good. said:

@ who did it,
I hear you. I think you're referring to this Hyundai gem.

Cody Naetzker - copywriter | The Monkeys Melbourne said:
BL said:

Best car ad in years. Well done to all involved.

@Yo Monkeys said:

That CHE car sales campaign was shit.

Nick said:

Oh yeah, an ad. I had no idea they were still making those. Steamed Hams memes on the other hand...

Aussie in Murica said:

@Shock horror: TV ads aren't dead! Infact that's pretty much all we do over here. A TV ad can be made into a pre-roll, it can be cut to work on social, then diced to play on subscription. They're also coming your way and by the sound of it you just work on banners ads which really are dead.

420blazeit said:

@Oi, from Sydney

Fuck they choked against the Warriors huh? Ben Hunt is playing so bloody good at the moment. I reckon Bennett is regretting letting him go.

Quality said:


Drama said:

More drama in the comments than the ad itself. Love both.

Robbie B said:

Great work C Man and Z Sled - creative is sweet and strategy checks out. Hopefully it emboldens some big clients to get their swagger back.

@Cody Naetzker said:

Good spot Cody. It's hugely entertaining and doing all the right things for the brand. You should be fucking proud.

@@OMG/tool said:

No, I don't think the client who paid good money 14 YEARS AGO would give a fuck.

They've almost definitely moved on. Work somewhere else. Maybe retired.

You told me to get back to my banner ad on a late Friday night.

I posted at 5.38pm. You at 6.47pm. So......

Anyhow, I'm just gonna keep aiming to do good, creative work that works.

Have fun scouring those award books.

@OMG/tool said:

It’s called google. A simple quick search shows the idea has been done before.
No need to go scouring award books.
Now back to your banner ads and keep aiming for that good work.

Final Word said:

Its a good idea - but sadly not the first time it has been used. And that being the case everyone should have gone all out to make this so much better.

That said, it brings a little bit of life back into the car advertising world that has disappeared over the last 2 years.

If this is the renaissance of better story telling then thats a good thing.

@@OMG/tool said:

Hardly anything in advertising is ever genuinely new.

You'll learn that when you finish AWARD school and enter the real world.

Now back to your 'genius' scamps that will never see the light of day.

Actually, why don't you go and be an artiste?

What is going on here? said:

Why is there an NRL podcast on this thread? What is wrong with people.
Well done guys. The spot is great and even if no one else will, I'd like to pay you some respect.

@OMG/tool said:

You have just highlighted the problem with the majority of today’s creative talent, they take the lazy option and don’t push for ideas that are ‘genuinely new’
Now back to that re skin of the optimised template you are busy working on.

@@OMG/tool said:

"The problem with today's creative talent" = "The problem with the kids these days is [insert rant here]".

I thought you were a naive junior. Now I think you're an embittered, old suit. Or maybe even a client who always thought they could do a better job than those dumb, lazy creatives.

Whoever you are, I hope you're having a lovely day.

For me, it's back to local AM radio scripts and never-to-be opened catalogue eDMs.

PS: This is turning me on xx

@@OMG/tool said:

Do you know what happens when you push for ideas that are in your words genuinely new? Clients say no. There's not a lot you can do with a no. You can push again with a watered down concept; chances are your client will say no again. Push back too many times and you start affecting the relationship. Then the suits will be all like that's enough bro. That's most clients, @OMG/tool.

Clients are in business, and not in the habit of taking what they perceive as a risk based on one creative's incredibly brilliant, divinely ordained thought. If the whole agency gets behind a big thought then that's a different thing. Clients trust that more than some midweight presenting his second option which is a bit more out there.

As a creative you have to know that 95% of your good ideas will never see the light of day. That's the job. You do it for that 5%. It's not for lack of ability or laziness. It's about how good the clients are, how good your suits are, and how good the ideas are.

You might have the best idea that promises huge cut-through and a shitload of dollars in earned media and wow shit look suddenly you're on your way to motherfucking Cannes. But if isn't (a) on brand (b) on brief (c) on strategy (d) on budget (e) to the personal taste of the CD (f) to the personal taste of the client's head of marketing (g) to the personal taste of the client's head of marketing's spouse, it will die. Smell you later, genius.

That's why, when you see a spot like this it's hats off all round. The creative is great, no doubt. But great creative doesn't sell itself. It takes an entire agency.

So instead of slinging insults, @OMG/too, you know, think a bit. Or work in the industry a bit. So you can fail a thousand times yourself. And realise that failing to get your quote unquote genuinely new ideas up isn't because you're lazy, it's because your idea has to contain a vision that nails the brief to the fucking wall and excites the agency you work for, from the head of strategy to the cleaner. It's not easy.

lmao said:

the comments in this thread give me life

btw Monkeys team - nice work!

Wake up said:

The best thing about this thread is the podcast. Oh, and the ad. Good stuff Monkeys and co.

Old CD Guy said:

To those praising this work; You've all gone soft - or have too little experience.

This is a very soft, predictable 4WD ad, containing -as Keogh acknowledges though gritted teeth - all the cliched 4Wd shots.

A checklist checked, nothing more.

I was waiting for a surprising twist, a genuine crecendo of some sort.

It never came.

A really lame, groanworthy ending. Goat in tray. Wow.

Adequate film-making and production values. OK music. Check, check, check. That's the price of entry.

Give me the Carlton Draught Tingle any day. Or Big Ad. Or Magic Salad Plate. Or BCF-ing fun.

They had the X-Factor.They had chutzpah. They had originality, wit and charm.

Despite the terrain, this is as flat as a fart.

What was the brand again?

Another not so old CD said:

As per usual Old CD Guy is on the money.
Judging by the long list of coments above it shows the lack of experience, and the idea has been done numerous times dating back to Mitsubishi in the mid 80’s for Pajero.

@another not so old CD said:

Hey Mate. We were all born in the 80s. Run off to the baby boomers home would you. You guys are out of date and our generation, and the ones with clear enough vision to even watch TV anymore don't care about you old blokes and your 15 miles through the snow bullh*t. Someone made something just like this in 1945 did they? Get over it.

Well all the sheep seem to like it said:

Check out the ad omg at 5.23 suggests.....smarter, funnier and great memorable brand builder...obviously cheaper... and does it all in a “micro moment” .... if thats the best tv commercial this year... omg!!!!!!

@Well all the sheep seem to like it said:


In conclusion said:

78 comments later and the worst the peanut gallery has to offer is "it's just okay". Reckon I'd call that a win.

Spielberg said:

This could have been rescued by a great ending.

A surprise ending.

My two cents worth:

The guy pulls out a shotgun and blows the goat away.

The end line still works.

Shocking and funny, all in one.

Like Indiana Jones and the Arab with a gleaming sword.

Applause all round.

Even awards.

why not said:

put the goat in the drivers silly goats..even fx a laugh on him

GoatsBetter said:

Colorado is better but Landrover SVX got there first.

wrongdroids said:
Againstalldodds said:

Was the shoot done in Sofala NSW?

@wrongdroids said:

You would think the creatives and the CCO would do a quick google search to see if the idea had been done... so happens it's been done many times...muppets.

Nancy Hipkiss said:

What I want to know is who is the guy?

Yabundjs said:

Why is there a need to commercialise Native American traditional chanting and song?!?! What has Native America got to do with a 4WD? I turn off as an Indigenous person and will not buy one of these for this reason.

PDW said:

I don’t understand The AD at all! The background music is Native American, the name of the UTE is of an American state... The goat? Just makes no possible connection!

A Camel eg Ship of the desert, A Kangaroo native animal at home on grass, rocks, sand etc

Heckler said:

Just after the Colorado does the high speed airborne thing along the riverbed there is a brief aerial shot of the SUV driving through the river. You can see the tracks made by the vehicle from a previous take and the SUV is following them to the centimetre. Unless the goat had stolen a truck with a similar wheelbase.

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