The Institute of Post Production is now online

the-institute-of-post-cb-artcile-image.jpg"The Institute of Post Production is now online," says Michael Houlahan AKA "Hooli", editor, owner, board member, chief CEO, chief strategist, creative director, blogger, spiritual leader, caterer, accounts department.

"I'm very excited to announce the launch of my new website, Facebook and Instagram page It combines a comprehensive inventory of my favourite TVCs, short films and music videos."

The site is a great tool for searching and referencing previous jobs that Hooli has collaborated on with all of his colleagues from production companies and agencies.
Says Hooli: "A big thankyou to Andrew Barry (Drew) from Design Collective who did a brilliant job of branding "The Institute of Post Production", designing and developing the new site and setting up the socials.
"The Institute of Post Production is a constantly moving, ever evolving, proactive, reactive, flexible entity that caters for the eclectic nature of Editing. At its core is me. Hooli. Michael Patrick John Houlahan. I'm an offline editor based in Melbourne and Sydney Australia and available internationally.
"I've been working in the industry of film post production in Sydney, Melbourne, NZ and Asia for over 25 years and have witnessed and participated in its technological evolution from delivering Intercines to film sets to screen rushes, lacing up Steenbecks and finding lost frames on the bottom of my shoe, to the modern day software that can deliver from any lounge room, airport lounge or anywhere there is electricity and the internet.
"I can freelance from home, onset, hotel rooms, dryhire in post houses, production companies and agencies around the world on my portable edit suite or on your setup or a combination of all of the above. No two jobs are the same so unsurprisingly neither is the post production path. Necessity is the mother of invention so I just try to be flexible and approach every job with fresh eyes. I have a fully portable edit suite so can edit on set, from home, organise to work from various post houses or directly from your production company or agency."

Says Hooli: "Get in contact with my "head of communications", well me... and let's make some cool stuff together."
Check out Hooli's site and see what he's been up to by visiting

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Postman said:

Why isn't it the institute of editing? You don't do post... in that hyperbolic list I didn't see any claim to design, art direction, previs, postvis, 3D modelling, texturing, lighting, rendering, colour grading, online, or motion graphics?
So it's not really post is it... it's editing.

Gaz said:

Amazing body of work Hooli. Prolific!

Ben said:

Great work Hooli. Branding & site is sleek...

Geez said:

I think you meant "amazing body of wank" because claiming to be an institute of post when all you do is edit is exactly that.

Kitset said:

What's wrong with you guys ?? He's doing something positive here and it isn't worth pulling apart the meaning.. it's not a campaign for creatives to rip apart.. this is someone offering his talented service.

Well done Hooli - best of luck !

Staf @ Kitset

Tod said:

Tapping fingers = gold.
Congrats, hope we'll have something for you soon.

Bazeagle said:

Hooli = legend

Ryan said:

We loved working with Hooli back in the MRPPP days. If there’s anyone in the post game that’ll have contacts with the best Designers, Colour Graders & Online operators it’s Hooli. Great stuff Hooli, love the website mate.

Manimal said:

Great work Hooli!

All the best mate. Seems like the faceless keyboard warriors are threatened by your awesomeness. Get a grip everyone be kind to each other. Great website.

The Institute of Post Customer Relations Department. said:

The Institute of Post Production Customer Relations Department says:

“Clearly by the tone of the article and the website itself, Hooli is not taking the whole thing too seriously. Perhaps if you actually visited the site you would ascertain that.

The Institute of Post name is being ironic because as you clearly point out “Postman and “Geez” it’s just him! That’s the joke. He’s The Institute…..

Despite what you may think “Finch” is not just a bird, it’s also a very successful Production Company. “Sweetshop” do not sell lollies and “Campaign Brief” is not a type of undergarment.

Please direct any further vitriol to “The Institute of Post Production Customer complaints department” but be sure to leave your name so we can get back to you at your earliest convenience.

Postman said:

Disingenuous Michael.
So the Sweetshop doesn't sell lollies, and... the Institute of Post Production doesn't do... post. OK.
But Sweetshop as a name has nothing to do with their offering. Yours implies you look after the whole post process.
Clarifying some other phrases:
"a great tool for searching and referencing previous jobs" = portfolio site
"a fully portable edit suite" a laptop and speakers.
Good point of difference there mate.

The College of Post Pro's said:

How man more pseudo names have you got lined up to comment under Michael?

VFX Sup said:

Imagine being the guy who sells flour, but rebranding your company to "The Complete Baked Goods Warehouse".
We actually do design, grade, VFX, and online, but we don't edit. Perhaps though we should set up a website ironically called "The Editing Institute of Australasia" and call it a laugh, hey? You really didn't think this through did you?

Prodjuicer said:

@VFX Sup’s ignorance to the Post Workflow is hilarious.

Hooli said:

The first company I worked for in Sydney was called "Winning Post Production".
It was one of Sydney's most reputable Post houses. Guess what? They "just did editing" as you say.

The second was MRPP in Melbourne. That stands for "Mike Reed Post Production". Once again for the majority of its existence MRPP "just did editing".

So it's no surprise really given my background that I have chosen to call this Company "The Institute of Post Production."

Editing is an integral part of the Post Process and Editing is what I do.

"The Institute of Post Production" has also put together teams of freelancers and post produced a multitude of jobs on that site. Edit, grade, Online and Design. Does that justify calling myself a "Post Company?

Enough said. I've got some post to work on..


A laptop said:

doesn't make you a post company.

Bazeagle said:

Hooli is an excellent editor and he also understands all aspects of the post production process to a high level in order to do his job.

MH said:

Good on ya Hoolie. Your a great editor. Thats all i care about.

Simon Frost said:

You can tell reading this post who has and who has not worked with Mr H. Funny.

Stephen Renfree said:

Gee Hooli I'm glad I've got a company whose name is vaguely onomatopoeic so I don't get trolled by the bitter and twisted when I post. Onya mate. You're a gem to work with and you're great at what you do. That's the beginning and the end of it. xx

Rosano said:

Fantastic, Hooli!! Love the site, love your humour, good on ya and best of luck!!

Milked said:

Gee just came across this thread.... Brutal. Post production is such a fickle and stressful game at times. Instead of tearing people down while hiding behind a keyboard, we should support and motivate them. I've never worked with Hooli but good on ya for braving the current landscape with a new venture! All the best and good luck m8.

Great Job Hooli! Keep up the good work and you will see success in the near future, but remember there will be times when you'll feel quitting easy then continuing, but never lose your faith in yourself. Gud Luck

Mike Parsons said:

Best of luck with the new venture Hooli, have fun 'just' editing :)

Mike Parsons said:

A decade or so ago I pushed the pen around on a lot of commercials Hooli 'just' edited - he's as much a post supervisor and vfx designer as any of the self proclaimed vfx supervisors out there. Post starts with a cut - but vfx depend on someone working out timings, coordinating cg and graphics, temp audio mixes, m&e supervision and simply directing post for clients.

Best of luck with your new venture Hooli, have fun 'just' editing :)


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