10 feet tall launches first creative campaign and platform 'The Best Behind You' for Honda Marine

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 10.52.54 am.jpgAs the number one engine manufacturer globally, no one is better at unlocking the magic behind boating than Honda Marine. Together with newly appointed creative agency 10 feet tall, 'The Best Behind You' creative platform lets boating enthusiasts know they're getting more than an engine - they're getting the very best of Honda technology and innovation to support and power their dreams on the water.

4.jpegSays Susan Barca, marketing manager, power equipment and marine, Honda Marine: "Our audience are seekers of adventure and discovery on the water. We wanted to raise the profile of our brand by emotionally engaging with them so they could see how everything we've done as Honda has found its way into our outboards to provide an unmatched boating experience."5.jpg
Says Joseph Meseha, managing director and partner, 10 feet tall: "Boating is about enjoying the water and freedom it gives you, with Honda Marine on the back of your boat, you can focus on enjoying the action, knowing you're backed by the best."

The campaign's central film showcases the many aspects of performance, reliability and engineering that come from Honda's background in Formula 1, advanced robotics and marketing-leading vehicles and its influence on Honda's marine engine design.
Agency: 10 feet tall
Creative Director: Stuart Black
Managing Director: Joseph Meseha
Strategy Director: Magnus Nilsson
Art Director: Matt Toebelmann
Client: Honda Marine
Marketing Manager - Power Equipment & Marine: Susan Barca


srs said:

might show this to my kids tonight to put them to sleep...

TEAMLH said:

Kinda ironic that Honda's engines has a lackluster performance in formula 1

nice line said:

good line. best behind you

Vin Ordinaire said:

Why would you PR this?

Nonsensical said:

The best behind you = things are going to get worse from now on.
CD = asleep at the wheel.

Man overboard said:

Sinking ship, lucky to be afloat, too many puns for this turd

The moment said:

The moment you see 10 Feet... Best behind you... in the opening title you know the comments are going to be good! bahhahha

phot said:

why would you should this in what looks like port phillip bay on a grey day.. talk about short sighted budget restrictions.

weather checking is always a good idea

come on honda, fly your crew somewhere decent for gods sake.

20/20 said:

Think you want to check your printing. That top brochure looks a bit fuzzy to me..

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