AANA develops alliance with PwC, CMO Advisory - to share expertise to deliver insight solutions

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAmqAAAAJGE3MDI5N2IxLWU4ZGEtNDIxNC1hMmE0LTc5MDdkZDliYWYwNA-thumb-200x200-262233.jpgThe AANA has today announced a strategic alliance with PwC, CMO Advisory which will enable both parties to share their considerable expertise to deliver insight, solutions and capability development for AANA Members. The first focus of the strategic alliance will be on enabling a revised media contract template.

Says John Broome, CEO, AANA: "In 2016, The AANA made a commitment to provide its members with the tools to enable them to navigate the complexity of achieving media transparency. The resulting media contract template and accompanying guidance notes were the first key deliverable, which we know have been widely used by our members.
"In releasing the first contract and guidance notes, the AANA invited the industry to provide on-going feedback to help improve their usefulness and relevance. We will take that feedback on board in this next stage and look forward to on-going engagement so that the template remains contemporary.

"Our UK counterparts at ISBA also worked with PwC on developing their recent framework and guidance notes. We will be tapping into that experience to ensure we can fast-track our processes and deliver the relevant best practice advice from the UK to our members here,' the AANA's CEO, 'The process will invite input from our members, agencies, the Media Federation of Australia and other industry partners in order to revise the current versions for today's landscape."

PwC said it was delighted to be able to support the AANA's commitment to help achieve better transparency in media buying.

Says Mike McGrath, managing partner, CMO, PwC Australia: "We both come to this with aligned views about shared accountability. Drawing on the support of the ANA, ISBA, AANA's Media Reference Group and its wider membership, we will take a collaborative approach to enable a revised media contract framework that seeks to further strengthen client and agency partnerships.

Says Broome: "Our recent Media Challenge event, which was presented alongside PwC's CMO Advisory was an excellent example of how this strategic alliance can contribute to equipping our members with the knowledge and tools to build strong brands and businesses. That event was attended by more than 300 marketers, agencies, media owners and industry professionals across Melbourne and Sydney, underscoring the importance the market places on navigating the complexity of this issue."

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