ARCBS launches 'She Gives Birth, You Give Blood' initiative via Cummins&Partners

SGB image_a (2).jpgThe Australian Red Cross Blood Service and Cummins&Partners have launched "She Gives Birth, You Give Blood", a new initiative designed to encourage partners of pregnant women to show their support by becoming regular blood donors.

Says Jude Leon, head of integrated marketing communications at The Australian Red Cross Blood Services: "1 in 5 women will need blood at some point during their pregnancy. Yet only 1 in 30 Australians currently give blood.

"To continue to collect enough blood to support these women, we need regular donations. So we decided to ask the people who care about them the most - their partners."

Launched on Mother's Day, the nationwide initiative already has the support of some of Australia's leading midwives and obstetricians, who will be able to provide information to expecting couples about the importance of blood during pregnancy.

Says Leon: "While pregnancy is an exciting time for everyone, from the very first appointment the focus is squarely on mother and child. Our aim is to give partners their own role in this process, one that makes them feel like they're contributing more than just emotional support."

As well as creative duties, Cummins & Partners are also handling the media rollout, engaging celebrity influencers, partnering with women's blog Mamamia and seeding a series of online films designed to educate expecting partners.

Adam Slater, associate creative director at Cummins&Partners says they hope the initiative eventually becomes an integral part of the pregnancy process.

Says Slater: "We love working with the team at The Australian Red Cross Blood Service to find new and unexpected ways of engaging new donors.

"We know that partners would give absolutely anything for a safe and successful birth. And while driving her to appointments and giving her the occasional backrub is nice, if they really want to chip in and do something meaningful, they should really consider giving blood.

"The fact that you can donate blood every three months, once for each trimester, is perfect. It means that while she's working on bringing a child into the world, you can be helping to save the lives of new mums everywhere."

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service
Marketing Director: Samantha Bartlett
Head Of Integrated Marketing Communications: Jude Leon
Campaign Specialist: Rebecca Munns
Social Media Lead: Jess van Coppenhagen

Agency: Cummins & Partners
Chief Creative Officer: Sean Cummins
Associate Creative Director: Adam Slater
Creative Director: Doogie Chapman
Senior Art Director: Connor Beaver
Senior Art Director: Cam McMillan
Head of Broadcast Production - Chris Moore
Broadcast Producer - Karley Cameron
Editor: Jesse Richards
Strategy Planner - James Bennett
Senior Integration Director - Sally Kingi
Senior Integration Manager - Kara Brumfit
Head of Connections Strategy - Johnny Corpuz
Connections Strategists: George Groves & Calvin Lyon
Connections Planning Managers: Will Millar
Connections Executive: Monique Gerada

Production Company: Buddy Films
Director: Harry Sanna
DOP: Jordan Maddocks
Producer: Mandy Payne
Colourist: Martin Greer
Sound: Risk Sound


Bloody hell said:

Proper behaviour changing work. This is awesome.

Adland is myland said:

Love it. Great people in front of the camera and solid messaging behind.

Colts said:

Brilliant in every way, from linking frequency of visits to donations to giving a more worthy role to the partner throughout the journey, well done to all involved.

Reg said:

Solid insight, but it feels like that's all it is. Could do a lot more with this.

gil said:

good thinking fellas. really nice insight. really useful action.

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