Ashley & Martin reaches 'The Turning Point' in newly launched brand campaign via &Partners

Ashley & Martin Medical Hair Centres has launched a new integrated brand campaign, 'The Turning Point'. The concept and commercials were developed by &Partners in collaboration with Andy Bell Advertising. Production was via Beautiful Pictures.

The campaign is built on the insight that there's usually a single moment in a patient's life when they decide it's time to regrow their hair. It's the moment when apathy ends and action begins: The turning point.  That moment can be seeing a photo of yourself taken from a different angle, a comment from a well-intentioned relative or even glimpsing the back of your head on a CCTV screen in a servo.

Ashley+Martin_TurningPoint_BLOG_3.jpg"We talk to over 10,000 patients every year, and time after time our consultants hear the same thing. There's nearly always a key moment when the extent of their thinning hair hits them hard and they decide to do something about it." said Richard Bond, Ashley & Martin CEO. "What we love about this idea is it's relatable. It normalises an issue guys often find confronting and offers hope by way of our 98% success rate."

The integrated campaign will run on free-to-air and pay-TV with support from digital and social media.

Media Planning & Buying: Andy Bell Advertising
Strategy & Creative: &Partners
Production Company: Beautiful Pictures
Post Production: The Office of John Cheese
Sound Design: Soundbyte Studio


Chrome Dome said:

The turning pint is a good entry point insight in this category...

But overcoming the scepticism that you can regrow your hair...I guess that'll just have to wait.

Baldy said:

Great insight, but like watching hair grow.

Is it just me? said:

The moment a man has a hair transplant, a weave, a rug - I sense weakness in their character, and surprise they believe no-one cant notice the camouflage from 50m!

Her Suit said:

@Is it just me

Good point. How many times have you seen someone with a screamingly comical rug and thought 'how desperate must he have been to put that ridiculous thing on his head'. Why would someone become an object of derision when all he would have been without it is a bit like everybody else with (normal) thinning hair?

I am yet to be convinced that whatever it is that these hair studios claim to be able to do is anything but a con.

Diversity bandwagon said:

Good thing they remembered to get the same-sex couple in.

@Diversity bandwagon said:

Yes, representing a brand's diverse audience in ads is soooo predictable. It's just jumping on the who equality bandwagon! Brands should stick to their knitting and feature only white men.

CAD said:

Real clients telling real stories? Don't forget the PAID ACTORS super on the TV.

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