Aussie director Charles Williams' film 'All These Creatures' nominated for Cannes Palme D'Or

ATC Director Charles Williams.jpgDirector Charles Williams' short film 'All These Creatures' has been selected out of 3943 entries to be one of only 8 films in official competition at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Williams is the only Australian film in the official selection and will be in the running for the Palme D'Or.

The 13 minute film shot on 16mm in Dandenong late last year tells the story of an adolescent boy as he tries to untangle his memories of a mysterious infestation, the unravelling of his father and, as he puts it, the little creatures inside us all.

ATC Poster.jpgWilliams, who will be heading to Cannes this month, described being selected for the film festival as "Beyond a dream. Cannes is simply the Mecca for great films and filmmakers, and to even have a short film screen there is as great an honour as I can imagine."

He managed to make the film on a shoestring budget last year with support from sponsors Kodak, Panavision, The Butchery, The Refinery, Sound Firm, Savage Rentals, Cinelab, Final Sound, Dandenong City Council, Casting Sugar, Park Rd Post Production and the entire cast and crew. "I've got a lot of favours to pay back."

The Sydney based director currently works freelance with recent work for Volvo, Members Own and Universities Australia.



bravo said:

amazing achievement, well done everyone involved

Hooli said:

Nice one Charles. Bring it home.

respect said:


Well done! Great news!

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