Balance draws with Paper Moose on 'The Pitch' segment on last night's episode of Gruen

still.jpgMelbourne creative agency Balance was invited to 'The Pitch' segment of ABC's Gruen last night, going up against Sydney agency Paper Moose to see who could nail the brief 'Convince people to Boycott the Royal Wedding'

Balance's spot tied with the competing agency with a yes vote from Russel Howcroft and a final nod from veteran Todd Sampson. Host Wil Anderson said it was his favourite episode of the show in 2 years.

Says David Gullotti, CD and partner, Balance: "We had a great experience on the show and to work on an 'unsellable brief' was a lot of fun.

"A massive shout out to our good industry friends who made it possible - in particular Rick, Andy and their amazing team at Two Tractors including Director Tim Murray, Paul Travers and Cushla Cooney and Sonic Playground's Mathew Gerber-Corn for his sound excellence."

Balance also welcomes new clients to its list including iconic French Patisserie, Laurent.

Says Geoffroy Caro, general manager sales and marketing, Laurent: "Balance were a key partner in moving forward with our marketing vision at Laurent.

"A clear front runner, they have proven to be an honest and collaborative partner who share our passion for quality and creativity."

A integrated brand campaign for Laurent will begin to roll out within coming months.

Other new wins include ACT Government and nation-wide café, catering and retail group, Zouki.

Says Trent O'Sullivan, managing partner, Balance: "We could not be more excited to contribute the future growth of our new partners. There's a real sense of pride amongst the Balance team and a desire to help drive our client's businesses."


Phil said:

OK, now Gruen really is getting desperate for their pitch segment. Two agencies I've never heard of and even when I Google them I can only find one. And that one appears to be more of a content provider with more directors than creatives on their staff. No wonder the quality of the so called ads in this segment are so terrible. If the people on the panel are from mostly recognisable agencies why aren't the people on the pitch segment? I get the impression the people on this segment are there to try and raise the profile of their unknown small and obscure shops. Many only make content and haven't actually made a TV commercial that cost more than $50 in their career. Bring back the big agencies that were on the first series of Gruen. But maybe pay them fairly for the effort.

turd said:

they should both get a small trophy of a turd for there effort

James said:

They were both decent ads well done to both agencies for getting invited to pitch.
My pick was number 1 but agree very close.

Can I borrow an iron? said:

Or a copywriter?

I know you're on a budget, but wow...I couldn't hear the jokes for the huge cliches in the way.

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