Band-aid revealed as Australia's most trusted brand in latest Australian Reader's Digest poll

Band-Aid Advanced Healing[1][1][4] (1).jpgAustralian Reader's Digest has revealed Australia's most trusted brands in an independently commissioned poll. Band-aid has topped the poll, followed by Dettol in second place and Colgate in third.

In 2018, trust is a more precious commodity than ever. This year we've witnessed the stark realities of our national cricket team losing our collective trust, doing untold damaged to a long established brand and resulting in the loss of tens-of-millions of dollars in revenue. As that fallout continues to play out, the annual list of the names, products and services we trust the most has just been revealed.

The Trusted Brands survey - appearing exclusively in Australian Reader's Digest - has polled more than 2,400 people, to reveal Australia's Most Trusted Brands of 2018.

- The ever reliable make-it-better Band-Aid has scored the highest overall rating across all categories
- Vegemite returns as our 'Most Iconic' brand
- Guide Dogs Australia continues to lead the way as our 'Most Trusted Charity'

Says Louise Waterson, group editor, Australian Reader's Digest: "As we've seen so clearly this year, trust can be hard earned and easily lost, and it can definitely be the difference between success and failure.

"It is built on quality, consistency, honesty and delivering on your promise. Trust matters, and congratulations to those who have managed to earn it. They enjoy a hard-fought competitive advantage in this day and age.

"This is our 19th annual Reader's Digest Trusted Brands survey, and the importance of trust - in a digital age influenced by social media tribes - seems to get more important each and every year."

The Top 15 - Across All Trusted Brands Categories:
1) Band-Aid
2) Dettol (First Aid)
3) Colgate (Toothpaste)
4) Gillette
5) Dulux
6) Dyson
7) Energizer
8) Cadbury
9) Weber
10) Bridgestone
11) Panadol
12) Aerogard (Body Insect Repellent) 13) Listerine
14) Vegemite

This is not a reader's survey. It is an independently commissioned poll, with the results appearing exclusively in Australian Reader's Digest. Leading research company Catalyst surveyed a representative sample of more than 2,400 Australians, to identify the brands we trust the most.

The survey reveals the brands, products and services we believe in across 70 key categories. From chocolate (Cadbury) to ice cream (Magnum), and from lawnmowers (Victa) vacuum cleaners (Dyson), trust is a key ingredient to success.

An independent survey conducted by YouGov Galaxy Research to discover the benefits of the Reader's Digest 'Trustmark' logo revealed;
- 81% of Australians are more likely to buy a product or service that has received a recognised award if the price and specifications are similar to alternatives.
- 1-in-4 Australians recognise Reader's Digest Trusted Brands or the Trustmark logo.
- At 42%, millennials are more likely to have heard of Trusted Brands or recognise the Trustmark logo compared to Gen X and Baby Boomers.

Sport & Trust - falling From a pedestal:
Australian Reader's Digest carries a special report on the place sport holds in our culture, and the fallout from the infamous ball-tampering scandal. But our cricketers are not the first (and won't be the last) to fall foul of public opinion. From Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong, a loss of trust can be a devastating blow.

3 Rules- How to sharpen your trusted instincts:
Trust influences our spending habits, our decision-making and, most of all, how we perceive others. And it is always being tested. So what's the real deal, and how can you avoid getting 'played'.

Australian Reader's Digest carries a special report on the '3 Rules' to avoid being vulnerable, and make smarter decisions.

Full details appear in the latest issue of Australian Reader's Digest.


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