Ben Derham @ Facebook F8: Day 2 take-aways

Derham_F8_BLOG_11.jpgMarketforce Perth technical lead Ben Derham reports from Facebook's F8 conference in California, the social media giant's annual showcase of new tools, innovations and work by developers from around the world.

Today's sessions were focused on the underlying technology powering Facebook's announcements yesterday.

 These were the key take-aways for today.

The near future of VR is amazing
6DOF technology is around the corner with Oculus' Project Santa Cruz. This will give much greater depth to VR experiences, creating a sense of realism that just isn't possible with the current 3DOF technology in Oculus headsets.

Hyper realistic rendering in VR
This one truly had to be seen to be believed, aside from the camera operator's foot invading the scene, it was impossible see the difference between 3D render and the source video.

Artificial Intelligence is better and easier than ever
Facebook have open sourced their AI tools. Giving developers an easy starting point for incorporating AI into their projects. This is a very exciting tool to power some fantastic user experiences.

Conversational Commerce is awesome
Here's a buzz word you might want to get used to hearing a lot. Conversational Commerce lets a user make end to end purchases from within Messenger. 90% of internet users will have at least one messaging app installed by the end of this year, it's not something that should be ignored.

If we load in the AI tools, and updated Augmented Reality tools into a Conversational Commerce bot, there is potential to see some truly amazing shopping experiences entirely within Messenger very soon.

An Oculus Go!
An unexpected gift for attendees from Mark Zuckerberg. We got our hands on the latest Oculus headset released yesterday. These headsets are a huge step forward in making quality VR experiences available to everyone.

This trip to the heart of Silicon Valley has been a fantastic opportunity to learn from some of the world's most talented technologists. I'm excited to get back and put this knowledge into practice.


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