Cannes Contenders: 303 MullenLowe Perth

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

img0 (1).jpgRoad Safety Commission: Could Be Cometti
303 MullenLowe Perth
Cyclists were receiving a disproportionate number of injuries and abuse on the roads. To generate empathy from motorists, 303 MullenLowe created a kind of 'life jacket' for cyclists. The identity of cyclists being overtaken from behind was unknown, so the agency gave every cyclist on the road the identity of the regions' favourite human being. A state hero named 'Dennis Cometti'. Each 'life jacket' read; COULD BE COMETTI and protected those who wore it with the power of WA's love the big man himself.
img1 (1).jpgWatercorp: The Shower Song
303 MullenLowe Perth
Western Australian has one of the fastest drying climates in the world, and almost a quarter of household water is used in the shower. So, 303 MullenLowe made a shower timer with a difference. The agency launched a song that went for precisely four minutes, so that when the song finished bathrooms across the nation knew when it was time to get out of the shower. The four minute 'Shower Song' was launched by Spotify, with a collective of eleven artists singing in the shower to launch the track. Within the first 6 weeks, almost 1.2 Million people have used our waterwise shower timer, 'The Shower Song'.

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