Droga5 New York's Top 4 Cannes Contenders

dundee.jpgTourism Australia: Dundee - The Son of a Legend Returns Home
Droga5 New York, Revolver/Will O'Rourke
During 2018's Big Game, viewers learned that the much-talked about sequel of an ʼ80s movie, "Dundee: The Son of a Legend Returns Home," was not a sequel at all. It was actually an elaborate, star-studded advertising campaign aimed at attracting more travelers to visit Australia. Tourism Australia, the government agency responsible for attracting international visitors to Australia, revealed it is behind the major US marketing campaign. For two weeks prior to the Big Game, excitement for a new Crocodile Dundee movie steadily began to build. Imitating a traditional studio promotional campaign--using PR, social, digital, OOH and the release of four teaser films--anticipation for the new film was widely reported in People, Buzzfeed, Daily Mail, Good Morning America, and the Hollywood Reporter, among others. Starring Danny McBride and Chris Hemsworth, with a cameo from Paul "Crocodile Dundee" Hogan himself, the 60-second commercial aired during the second quarter of the Big Game revealed the joke to viewers. What began as a typical movie trailer slowly and comically unraveling, became a flagrant excuse to highlight Australia's dazzling locations and fine array of food and wine. Presented as a buddy comedy, the movie featured Danny McBride as Brian Dundee, the long-lost son of Mick Dundee and Chris Hemsworth as his sidekick, Wally Jr. The all-Australian supporting cast had an impressive roll call of Hollywood heavyweights and homegrown talent, including Hugh Jackman, Margot Robbie, Russell Crowe, Ruby Rose, Liam Hemsworth, Isla Fisher, Luke Bracey and Jessica Mauboy.
TheLastDaVinci_05.jpgChristie's: The Last da Vinci
Droga5 New York
In 2011, the Salvator Mundi, a Renaissance painting depicting Jesus Christ, was confirmed to be a genuine Leonardo da Vinci. Having belonged to several Royal European collections, it is one of fewer than 20 paintings by da Vinci in the world and the only example ever offered at auction. The masterpiece, which has been called a divine version of the Mona Lisa, was slated to headline the Christie's Post-War & Contemporary Art Evening Sale in November 2017. In efforts to share not only the significance of the Salvator Mundi, but also give everyone the opportunity to experience this great moment in its history, Christie's tapped Droga5 to make the sale of the Salvator Mundi a cultural phenomenon. In an approach that honors the significance of this artwork, Droga5 gave the painting the power to share its own perspective with the world. The agency worked with world renowned portrait photographer, Nadav Kander, and set up a hidden camera beneath the painting in the galleries of Christie's New York. During the final viewing, Droga5 captured film and still portraits of people's real emotions as they were moved by the painting. The film was cut to the time length of 4:14, a reference to the scripture from the Gospel of John that describes da Vinci's characterization of Christ in this painting. The still portraits of visitors to Christie's are documented in a gallery on Instagram.  Each portrait is captioned with the first name of the visitor and the time they made their visit, a format reminiscent of a biblical scripture citation. On November 15, 2017, the painting was sold for $450.3 million.

FINAL_WPFD_PR_7 (1).jpgNew York Times: World Freedom Press Day
Droga5 New York
To commemorate World Press Freedom Day, UNESCO brought together major news organizations from all over the world to rise above the competitive nature of journalism and band together in support of a common cause: a free and independent press. The global campaign encourages each participating news organization to rally behind a radical idea: that news organizations should actively encourage their audience to not just engage with their platform but to read, listen and watch others as well. Based on the idea that consuming a range of news, sources, points of view and political ideologies encourages a more informed citizenry, the campaign underscores its message of support for access to information and the importance of journalistic independence with this simple phrase: Read more. Listen more. Understand more. It all starts with a free press. This effort is a collaboration between multiple organizations, major news outlets and creative agency Droga5 as a show of solidarity in support of World Press Freedom Day, an annual day on which nations, media organizations and individuals come together to celebrate the fundamental principles of press freedom. The day is an opportunity to raise awareness and to assess the state of press freedom throughout the world.

Major_Film_HeroStill1 (1).jpgHennessy: Major
Droga5 New York
Since 2012, Droga5 has celebrated Hennessy's 'Never stop. Never settle.' mantra and the theme of pushing one's potential through stories of extraordinary individuals and the Wild Rabbit--the brand's metaphor for people's inner drive to succeed. And the next iteration, Droga5 told the "Never stop. Never settle." story of Marshall Major Taylor, the fastest man on two wheels. At a time when an African American world champion of cycling was unheard of, Major Taylor was it. Hennessy's new creative celebrates his perseverance through adversity and his rise to the top. Directed by Derek Cianfrance (Blue Valentine, Place Beyond the Pines), the films depict Taylor as the greatest athlete of his day, a dominant champion whose search for rivalry pushed him deeper into competition with his own self. What begins as an action-packed 1900s-era velodrome race turns into surreal, psychological race into the mind and soul of 'Major' Taylor. To amplify the campaign, Hennessy enlisted modern-day luminaries - those who also 'Never stop. Never settle.' across art, music & fashion - to help tell the story of this unsung hero: Designer Kerby Jean-Raymond of Pyer Moss captures themes of inner rivalry in a cycling-inspired fashion collection, artist and cycling enthusiast, Kadir Nelson, channels the spirit of the champion and memorializes his achievements with a modern-day monument, ESPN depicts the cyclist's story through a contemporary lens in a powerful docu starring BMX influencer Nigel Sylvester, Ayesha McGowan, and more.


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