Cannes Contenders: Isobar Australia

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...
Isobar_RoadshowAA (1).jpgRoadshow Films: American Assassin
Isobar Australia
For the Australian theatrical launch of 'American Assassin', Roadshow Films tasked Isobar Australia to facilitate awareness of the story and characters, proving it's more than just a shoot-'em-up film. The result was the internet's first assassin-training chatbot, created by pulling apart Facebook's Messenger functionality, gamifying it to test a users' ability and compare to the film's protagonist to identify our own 'Australian Assassin', who scored a $30k global mission. For a 15-day campaign, Isobar Australia achieved 92 days of overall engagement; saw 11 hours of gameplay from a single user; schooled 10k+ unique recruits; and sent 500,000 messages.
Stick&Style_image_4 (1).jpgKmart: Stick & Style
Isobar Australia
The launch of each Kmart Living range is an highly anticipated event. Isobar Australia was tasked with building awareness of Kmart's home style credentials and low prices to prompt a home refresh with Kmart's new August Living range. Targeting the image-conscious that don't normally look to Kmart for inspiration, Isobar used the iPhone iMessenger built-in functionality to use conversations between friends to redefine the catalogue experience. Through the sharing of iOS stickers featuring more than 40 Kmart decor items, users could browse the range and visualise how items would look in their home by placing the stickers over a photo--all within a conversation, and in real time. In less than 24 hours, the tool went to number one on the Sticker App Store and with 34,000 downloads, smashed its yearly KPI's by 400% with only a $3k media budget. It is now a platform that Kmart updates regularly with new products, keeping the conversations alive.

Isobar_SlurpeeTapofWar (1).jpgSlurpee: Tap of War
Isobar Australia
Slurpee is the most popular 7Eleven product among teens in Australia. Isobar Australia transformed a content-viewing platform into a gaming platform to represent the playful, energetic brand and get fans tapping back for more. Isobar hacked Instagram's Stories by using the left and right functionality in a never-before-seen way to create a high-intensity two-player game of skill. The Story worked by grabbing a mate, tapping as hard and fast as you can to drag the Slurpee onto your side of the screen. The prize was up to the Slurpers and they couldn't get enough. After the 24-hour story ended, Isobar saw: close to 400,000 total taps, which is over 4.5 taps a second; six rematches per player; and Facebook recognised it as a Best Practice and Innovation case study - all without a dollar put behind it to promote it.

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