Cannes Contenders: Ogilvy Sydney

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

IBM.jpgIBM: Outthink Melanoma
Ogilvy Sydney
Melanoma kills 1 Australian every 6 hours. It is our deadliest skin cancer but, ironically, the easiest to treat - survival rates can top 98%. The key is spotting melanoma early. So the agency invented the Watson Smart Mirror - a simple, engaging collection method. By standing in front of the mirror, Watson was able to do a simple analysis on their age and gender and sunscreen coverage. Where their risk profile warranted, they were then referred to a melanoma skin specialist in the booth next door - where hi-resolution photograph were taken of their moles. And, in some cases, further treatment was recommended. IBM also drove Australians to share their melanoma story on social media. Every tweet, post and photo built our understanding of the disease and, ultimately, helped us outthink melanoma.
Soothers.jpgSoothers: Soothing an everyday sore throat, every day
Ogilvy Sydney
Soothers had become more of a candy than a cure over the years and had been deleted from 1/3 of all supermarket shelves. Rather than try and compete with more medicated competitors, Soothers became the brand that could soothe every type of sore throat no matter what the cause. To prove this on radio, Soothers partnered with its media agency and radio networks to run an ad every day by targeted events in the news and days on the calendar. So no matter if the cause of your sore throat was screaming too much at a Justin Bieber concert, impersonating Chewbacca on May fourth aka International Star Wars Day or karaoke marathon session with your boss - Soothers were there to soothe it.
IJ.jpgIron Jack: Earn your seat at the most remote pub
Ogilvy Sydney
Over the years, Australian men had lost their way. So a new beer brand was launched for real Aussie men to promote positive masculine traits of loyalty, integrity and generosity. Iron Jack challenged Aussie men to earn their reputation by asking them 'what are you known for?'. Iron Jack dropped a fisherman, a 4WD pro, a wildlife expert and a storyteller in the middle of nowhere - with all the gear but no idea of what was expected of them. Just one set of coordinates under a bottle cap of Iron Jack beer with the location of a bar so remote it would take 5 days and 1200kms to get there. After challenging them to get out and earn themselves a reputation, Iron Jack rewarded their spirit with an icy-cold Iron Jack at the most remote pub in the world. The story of their journey and how they each earned their seat played its part in the most successful launch of any beer brand in Australia.

KFC.jpgKFC: Wing Bling
Ogilvy Sydney
Valentine's Day is known as SAD (Singles Appreciation Day) for those not in a romantic relationship. While most brands focus on couples on this day of the year, who is celebrating those Wingmen and Wingwomen who helped get couples together? No one. Until now. On Valentine's Day, a single video post by KFC on Facebook invited lovers to tell us why they and their Wingperson deserved to receive a Wing Bling ring, a beautiful symbol of their bond. In less than 24 hours, the Facebook post attracted over 200 entries per hour as fans shared stories, photos, poems and even a marriage proposal, in a bid to win the coveted Wing Bling.

Coca-Cola.jpgCoca-Cola: Breaking the Rules for Love
Ogilvy Sydney
In 2017, the same sex marriage vote divided Australia. Long-term champions of equality, diversity and inclusivity, Coca-Cola wanted to make a very public declaration of their own beliefs - 'no matter who you are or who you love, all couples should be treated equally'. Coca-Cola decided to break the rules surrounding its sacred institution - the Spencerian script logo - for the very first time in 131 years, to help Australia break the rules surrounding the sacred institution of marriage. The result saw Coca-Cola replace its branding on cans with the word 'LOVE'. Working closely with the global design team in Atlanta, the cans were designed within 48 hours of the postal vote going public and in consumers hands 9 days after that. With the cans distributed nationally, Coke became the poster child of corporate support - helping normalise saying 'yes' to love.

MCA.jpgMCA: The Museum that changed its name to make a name for itself
Ogilvy Sydney, Code on Canvas
Using the MCA acronym as a platform MCA invited people to tell it what the MCA means to them. And MCA gave its new names a place to shine on the side of its iconic building overlooking Sydney Harbour. Online or via its onsite activation people could express what the gallery means to them. From Mind Changing Art, Multi Cultural Artists, Modern Cultural Awakening or even Moving Calming Arresting - MCA had given people a platform that become an ever-changing piece of art. At the end of the campaign MCA's t-shirts had proved so popular they became an ongoing item at the beloved MCA gift shop, but most importantly MCA had shown people the true meaning of the MCA was to find your own meaning within it.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 11.39.29 am.jpgPRIMO: Hangover
Ogilvy Sydney
Food is all about great tasting ingredients done right. Luckily Primo bacon is here when you need it most, like after a big night. Few eggs, some nice bread and some awesome Primo bacon and VOILA! All is right in the world again. Now That's Primo!

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