Cannes Contenders: Special Group Australia

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

ASK SAM1.jpgUber: Ask Sam
Special Group Australia

Famous the world over and loved by early adopters, Uber was known, but simply not trusted. A largely invisible brand, average Australians and New Zealanders still had questions around how it worked, its reliability and, of course, its affordability. So Special Group needed to give the whole country someone to answer these questions. Someone they knew. Someone they trusted. Research showed statistically, 'Sam' and all its variations was in fact the countries' most common name. Simply put - everyone knew a Sam. So what then if every Sam became an ambassador for the brand? We know that recommendations from friends remain the most credible and powerful form of influence - with 92% of people more likely to trust their peers over advertising. So Special Group gave every Sam in the nation free Uber rides for a whole week, in order to activate an army of 'Sambassadors' who could then answer people's Uber questions. So if anyone had a question about Uber, they could ask their mate Sam. It formed an integrated campaign across PR, social, TV, print and digital with highlights including filling an entire street with real Sams to launch the campaign online and utilising our celebrity Sambassadors, to hijack time on Sunrise and national morning shows.
HAIER (1).jpgHaier TwinTasker: Be together. But not together together
Special Group Australia

Unreciprocated love is no barrier for getting laundry done thanks to the new Haier TwinTasker dual drum washing machine. While Dan and Lucy have been living together for quite a few years, Lucy has no idea that Dan is hopelessly in love with her. Embracing an optimistic outlook, Dan seeks any chance he can to spend time with Lucy-movies, trips to the beach and concerts. Even the opportunity to do his laundry alongside Lucy is a way to win her over. They do everything together. But not together together.

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