Cannes Contenders: TBWA\Sydney

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Apple Hero shot.jpgApple: First Dance
With marriage equality now law, Apple sought to capture the very first dances of same-sex couples in Australia, entirely through the lens of iPhone X. 'First Dance. Shot on iPhone X' formed an extensive outdoor campaign, including two hero executions that stood proud over Taylor Square, Oxford St for the 40th anniversary of Sydney's Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. A film was also created to document this historic moment, and this ran nationwide on TV and online.
Trojan Heel.jpgAustralian Turf Club: Trojan Heel
TBWA / Eleven
In a nation obsessed with racing, but with a disengaged younger audience, the Australian Turf Club wanted to show that a day at the Sydney Spring Carnival is so much more than just the horses. So TBWA created the Trojan Heel - a world-first pair of heels built to unlock everything happening at the racecourse. In partnership with Lady Gaga's couture shoe designer Kira Goodey, the heels were built with high-tech features that showcased all that was on offer on the day. Whether it was paying for champagne with the Kick&Pay feature, or Tap&Go to book your ride home, the Trojan heel was the race shoe ready for anything. With four bespoke designs themed to key sponsors, Australia's leading fashionistas debuted each look as their adventures played out across social and national media. Although a woman's shoe, its message was universal: a day at the races is more than just a horse race; it's an invitation to expect the unexpected across an unpredictable day of racing, socialising, style, entertainment and hospitality.

DJ Xmas.jpgDavid Jones: Now it feels like Christmas
TBWA / Maud
A visit to David Jones is a Christmas tradition passed down through generations of Australians. It's the catalyst to get into the festive feeling, the moment when it actually starts to feel like Christmas. This year the entire store experience, from windows, instore and catalogue to online and tv was brought together in a single campaign: 'Now It Feels Like Christmas'. The heart of the campaign is a little expat gingerbread man who, like thousands of fellow Aussies abroad, yearns for home, family and warmer climes at this time of the year.  His story is told in a 90-second film which is central to the campaign, following him as he embarks on an epic, heart-warming journey home, visiting landmark shopping destinations around the world along the way. Carefully selecting gifts for his loved ones at each stop, the Gingerbread Man narrowly avoids peril on a number of occasions before safely returning to his family in the iconic windows of David Jones.

MJ Bale Coolest Suit.jpgM.J. Bale: Coolest Suit
TBWA / Eleven
To alter people's perceptions of wool as a summer fabric, we created a change room to change their opinion. Over 6 weeks, our touring change room replicated the world's hottest temperatures, allowing fans all around Australia to put our Cool Wool suits to the ultimate test. To demonstrate the suit's capabilities in suffocating climate conditions, we gave one of our cool wool suits to a TV weatherman, and sent him on a heat seeking mission to the hottest places on earth. Every day he travelled to some of the planet's most extreme locations to broadcast live and feed real-time data of the conditions back to our change-room.

Gatorade Bolt Rate.jpgGatorade: Bolt Rate
Eleven / TBWA
Gatorade's sponsored the Australian Cricket Team for over a decade. But there was a problem. People didn't think cricketers were elite athletes (compared to AFL and NRL players), and thus didn't require proper hydration to perform at their peak. To change this false perception, Gatorade created the "Bolt Rate", a brand-new statistic that measured player run speed between the wickets. To launch the Bolt Rate, Gatorade recruited the planet's fastest cricket fan, Usain Bolt, who trained the Australian Cricket team to improve their run speed ahead of the Ashes series. As the Ashes played out, the Bolt Rate became integrated into live broadcast, not only changing how people watch cricket, but train for it as well.

Phillips Unhaunting.jpgPhillips Lighting: Unhaunting
Eleven / TBWA
Philips Lighting wanted to launch Hue White Ambiance, the latest iteration in the brand's connected lighting. While the range allows people to dramatically transform and personalise their home, most consumers can't visualise the potential that light has in changing the look and feel of a room. So we set out to prove the right light can transform the ambiance and mood of ANY home. Our research showed that three quarters of Aussies are afraid of the dark and often feel scared in their own home. In a spine-chilling experiment, we used Philips Hue to transform Australia's reputed most haunted dwelling, the Manly Quarantine Station, into a warm and inviting space.

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