Cannes Contenders: Y&R Australia

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Sandcastle Cemeteries.jpgQIMR Berghofer: Sandcastle Cemeteries
Y&R Brisbane
Over 1,900 Australians are predicted to die from melanoma this year. To promote its new  melanoma predictor tool, Queenland's leading cancer researcher, QIMR Berghofer, placed sand-sculpted gravestones on popular Queensland beaches. This powerful reminder of the deadly consequences of melanoma reached over 15 million Australians through social and PR, with over 180,000 downloads of the online tool.
Real Convos.jpgHIV Foundation Queensland: Real Conversations of Grindr
Y&R Brisbane
HIV stigma is at its worst on dating apps like Grindr. To stop the stigma, the HIV Foundation Queensland invited real people to read real hate messages. The film sparked a global conversation, being shared on HuffPost, Refinery 29, Mashable, GayTimes UK and more. Exposing the stigma resulted in 35% more Australians feeling safe sharing their HIV status, and regular testing was up 32% with more men getting tested and treated than ever before.

ExploreTheNight.jpgPublic Transport Victoria: Explore the Night
Y&R Melbourne
To promote 24-hour trains, trams and buses, Public Transport Victoria helped a whole city uncover the hidden world of late-night Melbourne. In a single night, an army of people were given cameras, travel cards, and their own public transport routes to explore and capture content. They discovered the weird and wonderful places you can only find in Melbourne after midnight, and these recordings became the advertising on the network. Every stop had its own ad, geo-targeted to your location so you could see what was nearby, inspiring you to stay out longer and explore the night.

Sip Safe.jpgMonash University: Sip Safe
Y&R Melbourne
As a caretaker of young people Monash University wanted to change the 4,500 reported incidents of drink spiking that happen in Australia each year. And so, Sip Safe was born - a wristband that detects if your drink has been spiked. Successfully trialed in 2017 at the end of exams event Schoolies, the Sip Safe wristband is well and truly established with an ongoing drink safety activation taking place on Monash University campuses. The initiative now sees wristbands introduced to bars and clubs with bulk orders available for any venue, event or festival.

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