Cutting Edge collaborates with Y&R + Photoplay director Lance Kelleher on latest Powerball work

1920X1080_ThePowerBall_01.jpgCutting Edge recently partnered with Y&R and Photoplay's Lance Kelleher to deliver a vibrant and playful campaign for Powerball, as reported by CB last week. The spot takes the viewer deep inside the 'The Power Ball', a party where Powerball winners from different walks of life meet and celebrate their win in their own unique way.  

Collaborating closely with Kelleher, the Cutting Edge team provided a stunning colour grade and intriguing soundscape as well as a raft of seamless VFX sequences. These included the addition of the ice sculpture, bullwhips, explosions, and mountain ranges - all designed to look as though they were captured in camera, as well as set extensions and clean ups.

1920X1080_ThePowerBall_02.jpgSays Kelleher: "Right from the get-go I felt an enthusiasm and dedication to both Y&R and my collective vision, for what was an ambitious campaign. I say ambitious, as there were many obstacles that could have hampered that vision. From the genesis of the creative to the execution, Cutting Edge gave us no restrictions, but instead constructive, creative, solution based feedback and support."

Says Glenn Cone, VFX supervisor: "What a great idea, what a brilliant project. Working with Lance was a rare privilege."

Says Kelleher: "Glenn was on set. He was a calm and experienced problem solver. He went about getting what he knew we needed without any fuss or interruption to the main unit's heavy schedule. Believe me that is quite a skill.

"Steve Leacey led the compositing team like Cameron Smith leads the Storm/QLD footy teams... experience, tenacity, preciseness and a ton of creative flair. He's intuitive and damn quick too."

Colourist, Justin McDonald recalls his first conversation with Kelleher about the Powerball spot: "I was struck by Lance's passion for the project, and his understanding of the nature of colour in filmmaking made our collaboration seamless."

Says Kelleher: "Justin, Cutting Edge's Baselight Colourist was simply outstanding. Awesome to see an artist so on top of his game. There was a lot of complexity in the look and it took a fastidious, concentrated eye to give this film the look I was after."

The end result is a film that brings to life the opportunities that winning Powerball brings; a party where you play by your own rules.

Client: The Lott
Campaign: The Power ball

Agency: Y&R Brisbane
Executive Creative Director: Brendan Greaney
Creatives: Shaun Egan, Sam Boyd, Chelsea Parks
Producer: Ann Reilly

Production: Photoplay
Director: Lance Kelleher
Producer: Emma Thompson

Post Production Company: Cutting Edge
Executive Producer : Trelise Blade
Colourist:  Justin McDonald
Sound: Mike Lange & Michael Thomas
Flame/VFX Artist: Steve Leacey, Glenn Cone, and Tim Schultz


Phil said:

Heineken-wanna-be without the budget.

Old CD Guy said:

Have pondered this wankfest a number of times as its appeared on my TV screen and wondered - as a reasonably sophisticated advertising practitioner - what it's about, what the message is - and come up each time with a blank.

It may or may not be a technical triumph, but what's the point if the message is so utterly opaque?

Bee Gee said:

What do you expect from you know who

like it but said:

wasn't this released on CB last week by the agency?

Looking forward said:

To the client PR release next week.

As reported by CB last week. said:

Slow news week.

Vulgar said:

The work is crass when you compare it to what they've done with the same brand over the ditch.

Blablah said:

boring self indulgent crap-o-la, watch it with the sound of and you'll understand how bad this spot really is!

Walt Morgan said:

Excitingly glamourous! We all want to be part of such a fantastic big party where dreams become reality!

Mil said:

Who is the main actor?

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