Doritos 'literally' launches its new TV spot for Doritos Crackers via Clemenger BBDO, Sydney

Doritos Crackers Hero Image[1][1].jpgDoritos is set to launch its new product, Doritos Crackers, into market with its 'Just Landed' campaign, created in collaboration with Clemenger BBDO, Sydney. Doritos Crackers are a bold new way to enjoy Doritos flavours and are a world first for the brand.

The integrated campaign shows the protagonist catapulting the new Doritos Crackers into existence here in Australia. The slingshot that is featured is designed to flow through to the instore retail campaign where the product lands on shelf.

Says Ben Coulson, chief creative officer, Clemenger BBDO Sydney: "This was a chance to tell the world that famous brand Doritos are bringing something new to the table. We were keen to keep the Doritos tone while (quite literally) launching this new product."

Says Alison Silver, brand manager, Doritos: "We are really excited to be bringing to the market a product & communication campaign that has been developed locally to meet Australian tastes."


Nick said:

Wow. That was (quite literally) terrible.

Josh said:

This sucks.

Casting 101 said:

Like you want to touch anything that guy had...

qt3.14 said:

An ad literally set in the client's marketing department.

Doesn't get much more up-your-own-@$$ than that.

Oh dear. said:

About as bad as it gets, for a brand that should know better.

Annnnnnnnnnnd said:

that's why it's not the Melbourne Clem's.

Casual observer said:

I didn't even get that they were crackers from the ad, had to read the article.

Dr. Phil said:

Really desop if you're pressing this junk.

I wondered why there were no credits... said:

...then I watched the ad.

Well polished turd said:

The styling, the casting and the direction beg for a much better idea. What a waste of a big budget.

I like Doritos said:

I liked it. Funny and simple.

Pundit said:

Millward-Brown have been Pepsi's lead agency for years, and their heavy-hand is apparent on everything that organisation makes.

Except that said:

this is Clem's

Huh? said:

I thought this was quite good. Simple, funny. Don't really understand the level of hate for it. Calling it terrible seems a bit much.

Lighten up said:

Made me smile

Old CD Guy said:

The news that Doritos now make crackers is good.

But you really have to pay attention to get that from this spot.

At a time like this, I often wonder what other approaches were considered, or should have been.

When all else fails... said:

...get bloody literal. Just went into the 95% of Aussie ads suck basket.

pugwash said:

Quoting the client is becoming the big hint all the bad ideas were theirs. That and rostering 3-5 agencies to produce forgettable web spots.

It was shit the first time. said:

Just about every car brand has done a "slingshot" launch ad at one time or another.

V for Vitriol said:

I don't get the level of hate either. Simple. Fun. Direct. Can't wait for the oculus rift version.

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