Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt launches brand new campaign via AJF Partnership

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 1.11.20 pm.jpgFarmers Union Greek Style Yogurt shows that culture has no borders in its latest campaign from AJF Partnership, a GrowthOps Business. The 30-second ad features real Australian families, with roots from all over the world, preparing traditional dishes that unexpectedly share one essential ingredient: Yogurt.

Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt has been a staple in Australian fridges for decades.

Says Darryn Wallace, director of marketing and innovation at Lion Dairy & Drinks: "Our Yogurt is a remarkably diverse product, perfect for complementing a variety of cuisines, with so many uses beyond the traditional breakfast occasion.

"We are extremely proud that Farmers Union has consistently held a number one position in the all-natural / Greek style yogurt segment, and this year, with more emotive communications, we aspire to cement our leadership position."

Says Adam Francis, founding partner and ECD at AJF Partnership: "When creating the new campaign for Farmers Union Greek Style Yogurt we came across this interesting fact that Australia's most diverse suburb - Clayton in Victoria has 112 nationalities represented. So Australians don't have to travel far to experience so many of the world's great food cultures and traditions - we just have to look over the fence."

The TVC is set to launch nationwide 20 May 2018.

Creative Agency: AJF Partnership, a GrowthOps Business
Creative: Adam Francis, Glenn Dalton, Dillon McKenna, Sandra Galiazzo
Planning: Jacqueline Witts, Jill Cummins
Account Management: Sarah Tukua, Xavier Hogan, Tom Bennett
TV Production: Roz Ruwhiu

Client: Lion Dairy & Drinks
Darryn Wallace, Melissa O'Sullivan, Cara Harrington, Jessica Rea

Production Company: The Sweet Shop
Director: Alexander Brown
Producer: Catherine Warner
DOP: Shelley Farthing-Dawe
Post Production: The Editors
Editor: Jess Mustascio
Colourist: Edel Rafferty
Online Editor: Jamie Scott
Music: Otis
Soundmix: Final Sound
Engineer: Stevo Williams
Media Agency: Starcom


Why oh why? said:

Why are so many Australian commercials exactly the same, whether it's food, insurance or any number of product categories?

This spot is interchangeable with so many others. Shit branding too.

Dear marketers said:

Ads like this make it much harder for us to do our job.

The small issues are
It’s not branded so no one knows it’s farmers union
There’s no idea to guide the next ad
It doesn’t work if people are paying attention or not
It’s boring trite
It’s not true (yogurt does not bring people together).

But worse it’s expensive.

You’ve just thrown 200k in the bin

It makes it harder for all other marketers and advertisers to do their job.

Not true, above poster said:

Yoghurt could bring people together.

If it had strong magnets in it, for example.

Howdog said:

@Dear Marketers it’s got 6 pack shots in it.
And the product is being used throughout the spot.
Help me understand what more branding you would like to see?

Ugh said:

Wallpaper blandness anyone in their right mind should be trying to bury not promote

who da neighbours? said:

where do I get a fence like this?

The clue is the client said:

If you look very closely you will see that Lion are the client. Once that happens you know that anything remotely interesting is killed without hesitation.

qt3.14 said:

Generic af, but the fence turning into a table was clever.

Old CD Guy said:


Branding is not defined by the number of packshots, or scenes depicting use of the (in this case, generic) product.

When you understand this, the advertising you produce will improve immeasurably

Hint: If the ad has an idea that could only be for the brand being advertised - and not its competitors - you're on the right track...

(Yes, it's not necessarily easy to do. Few people get the hang of it.)

I agree with qt3.14 that the fence device was clever. Even original. I don't believe the creative team realised what a property they had created, and its potential.Perhaps that should be the starting point for both the ad and the branding. Even, dare I say,
a campaign.

Start by subtracting a lot of the clutter and get to the nub of the idea.

A wise man once turned to me at lunch and said "Most people think advertising is a process of addition. It's actually a process of subtraction."

I think there's something in that for all of us.

Agreed said:

Old CD Guy. Well said. If the idea was expressed as "FU Greek Yoghurt crosses cultures because it is the most versatile to use/taste". Then they have something. The fence thing is great as a visual. Nearly there...I liked it...

maps of usa said:

That's a awesome stratagey.

Annette said:

I LOVE the fence thing. It made me stop and notice, and re-wind the ad, and notice that it was Farmer's Union Greek Yoghurt. I really like this ad and I'm the target audience, and not affiliated with marketing or the manufacturers/owners of this product.

PT said:

Loved the clever fence/table idea. Really clever and I enjoyed the idea of 4 neighbors
making a great day.

I haven’t used this product but the commercial hit the spot for me personally so
I will be trying their yogurt

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