Forty Winks launches new 'Serious About Sleep' positioning in new campaign via AJF Partnership

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 8.25.24 am.jpgForty Winks has unveiled a new advertising campaign to reinforce its new brand positioning - Serious About Sleep, developed by AJF Partnership.

The positioning is built on the insight that people are simply not getting enough sleep. In fact, one in every four Australians are lacking in sleep, which inhibits their ability to perform. The benefits of a good night's sleep are incredible and include improved judgement, immunity, energy, memory and even attractiveness.

The new brand films celebrate sleep, without actually showing anyone asleep. Instead, we see some of Australia's most breathtaking locations under peaceful starry night skies. These star-filled skies, together with a new illuminated type treatment, distinctive male voice and stirring music score, form a suite of new Forty Winks brand assets.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 8.25.39 am.jpgThe campaign, which includes a 90 second online film, a 60 second regional cinema spot and multiple 30 and 15 second brand TVCs, aims to elevate the importance of sleep for all Australians.
Says Alex D'Amico, head of marketing, Forty Winks: "Forty Winks has been helping Australians get a better night's sleep for 34 years and our new Serious About Sleep brand positioning reinforces our category leadership as sleep experts. We want Australians to wake up to how important sleep is and rely on Forty Winks to help them find the right bedding solution so they can get the best night's sleep. As a house of brands, we have a significant range of bedding solutions, coupled with a 100-store network; our highly trained and experienced staff are well placed to help all Australians choose the right bed to maximise support and comfort to ensure the best sleep quality."
Says Andrew Foote, ECD, AJF Partnership: "We are very proud of this campaign, which launches a long-term brand platform that will cement Forty Winks' position as Australia's premier sleep experts. A national conversation around the importance of sleep is well overdue, and we believe that Serious About Sleep will help Forty Winks wake Australians up to the benefits of sleep for all of us."

The through-the-line campaign continues with TV sponsorships, website redesign, social media, radio, regional cinema, in-store POS and digital display.

AJF Partnership
Executive Creative Director: Andrew Foote
Creative Director: Glenn Dalton
Senior Art Director: Ed Carveth/ Sharon Little
Senior Copywriter: Sandra Galiazzo
Group Account Director: Penny Watson
Account Director: Emma Whiteley
Account Manager: Matilda Widin
TV Producer: Erica Frick
Strategy: Pieter-Paul von Weiler, Lani Cush, Hayley Read.

Production Company: Resolution Design
Director: Tim Dyroff
Executive Producer: Christine Koole
Producer: Richard Haltsted
Post Production: Resolution Design
Music Composition: Sonar Music
Composer: Antony Partos
Producer: Sophie Haydon
Sound Production: Production Alley

Forty Winks
David Edwards - CEO
Alex D'Amico - Head Of Marketing
Forty Winks Marketing Committee


King sized tick said:

Someone had to the lead position in the category. Lovely music too.

IMHO said:

That'll get a big cheer at the marketing conference, but do nothing for consumers.

Meta said:

If you believe in sleep so much, your campaign should put people to sleep. Oh wait...

images said:

nice images and different than the usual rubbish.

though of course this toxic website will shit on it in some way or another.

Brrrrrrr said:

This ad makes me feel cold. The opposite of what i want my bed to be.

Eeerrgh said:

The kerning on 'h a p p i e r' is not the worst thing about this.

Alan Watts said:

Hey, why you putting words in my mouth?

Manifester said:

When will we get back to ideas????

Name said:

I've definitely missed something. Why is the VO treated with that effect?

Insomniac said:

Pretty pictures that might or might not do something generic for sleep, but are unlikely to do anything for Forty Winks.

Could just have easily been done for Captn Snooze, Bedshed or any other bed sellers.

There is growing awareness and anger amongst the great unwashed that mattress prices are a seriously inflated ripoff, and there's a high degree of deliberate confusion and obfuscation about the offerings each retailer claims to stock.

This sort of fluff is just pissing into the wind. Deliberate? Or just lazy?

How do proposals like this get past the first strategy meeting, let alone into production?

stock imagery said:

I remember Ed fell asleep in his chair once, right man for the job.

@ insomniac said:

Mate, you're either junior burger or seriously deluded. Do you even work in this industry? Have you been to a client meeting or even worked with a client? If so you'd know how ads nowadays 'get past first the meeting'. Speaking from a clients point of view, it's rare we have anything unique to say about our product or service. Shout it out and make sure you stick our logo all over it, thats 99% of brand managers preferred approach. There are the 1% who will risk a bit to be different, stand out and be bold - bit they certainly aren't part of a massive franchise operation like 40Winks. For the most part you can try something new on us in the first meeting, you can try and convince us in the second meeting, then you suck it up do what we want and pay the mortgage till the next job comes bobbing optimistically over your desk with its neck stuck out. Thats how it works buddy. Get over it.

blahblah said:

Ditch the 60 + 30 there as boring as hell and so parse.

stick to 15sec.

@ @ Insomniac said:

"For the most part you can try something new on us in the first meeting, you can try and convince us in the second meeting, then you suck it up do what we want and pay the mortgage till the next job comes bobbing optimistically over your desk with its neck stuck out."


What a power-tripping knob you are.

Your company is really lucky to have you in its mix. I bet you've always got better ideas than the agency - what would they know? It's such a shame that beige pen-pushers like you don't have the balls or talent to step outside your depressing cubicle and share your mediocrity with the world.

Anyway, enjoy your day. Chained to your awesome Dell laptop, managing up, making big decisions like whether it's sushi or salad for lunch ... counting the hours until you slump into your company car at 6pm and work on more spreadsheets after dinner.


qt3.14 said:

@Insomniac & @@Insomniac

I'll be checking in throughout the day for more vitriol. Do not disappoint me. Fight the good fight, both of you.

@@@ Insomniac said:

Dear friend. Don't talk to me about balls. I am your spunk-rich sugar daddy - indulging your girly teenage whims to 'be a bit creative.' Those fancy specs - paid for by me. Those nights out at tedious awards ceremonies - paid for by me. That sense of self-importance and feeling that you somehow your job is better than most people - I paid for that. Im the huge bloated sow with cocaine teats you're doomed to suckle. I totally own you.

You make my takeaway menu cards. My flyers to stuck on lampposts.

In short, your job is to roll my turds in your glittery tears.

And do you know what the most hilarious thing is? Rather than have any modicum of empathy for your fellow slaves rolling around in the nitty gritty - you stab them in the back then step on their heads to drown them in your own bitter effluent at the first chance.


Pass the popcorn said:

@insomniac & @@insomniac

Strong smell of frustrated ex-creative went client side turned troll v frustrated creative stuck in a rut here. Give me fifty bucks on the latter. Spunk-rich sugar daddy's getting a bit fancy with his protestations, probably go down in the fourth round.

Fuck I love this thread. said:

This has just made my morning. I dont know who I am in love with more. Please go at it again...

..."Bloated sow with cocaine teats......'



Keep going you two. To the death please.

Better than any of the ads on this godawful blog.

Chiming in said:

Dear sow teats;

1. No one in advertising can afford cocaine anymore.

2. Most of us are as over tedious award shows as you are. There are too many of them, the juries are often quite inexperienced these days, and the handing out of awards for 'prototypes' really did take things too far. They are, however, still fun.

3. We know that our job isn't 'somehow better than most people's'. Most of us, at this stage, are wishing that our parents had insisted we learn something of actual value to the world. But having worked with many clients over many years, at least we know that our job is better than yours.

4. I will gladly roll your turds in glittery tears, but they're tears of laughter at the thought that you're actually paying me to produce this dog shit for you. It's YOUR work, for YOUR brand, yet you insist on it being shit. You are a clown.

5. Ultimately, in what this industry has become, we're all poorer. We're all #LOSERS. You included. But I know which people I'd prefer to spend my long, often painful days with.

Good To Go said:

Nice whinge sesh, get back to work floggers.

Insomniac said:

Go for it, ladies.

Commissioner Gordon said:

@@@ you are a legend. You seem to be describing yourself as a client, but with writing like that you should be in the creative department.

@ @@@ Insomniac said:

Dude, you don't own anyone.

But, in your pale, crippling little world of brown nosing middle management you own lots of things ...

Like that pair of awesome Onitsuka Tiger trainers you get to cut loose and wear with your crisp Country Road jeans on casual Fridays.

... and that cool water bottle with your company logo on it that you take to every meeting and suck on while you get reemed about quarterly sales and brand tracking results.

... and that lanyard with the poorly printed photo of you trying not to look miserable about how you ended up working for people who are even duller than you are.

... and those two mobile phones you awkwardly clutch because your masters don't trust you not to rort your expenses.

... and that Apple iWatch that shows the world how digitally savvy you are and measures how many steps you take trudging between pointless meetings.

... and that LinkedIn profile that features a list 40 skills you don't possess, a couple of poorly penned recommendations from subjective ex-co-workers, the list of positions you've held that show how eager you are to jump ship for an extra $15k, that marketing 'degree' you got from Deakin and, naturally, that photo of you with a creepy smile.

... and, of course, the photo of your neglected family that reminds you what they look like in between holidays to Palm Cove ... where you get to wear your Superdry t-shirts, treat the kids to ice cream while they're on their iPads and try to unwind, not check your emails and reconnect with your increasingly distant wife.

So cheer up!

At least you get to take your angst out on your agency who, by the way, is there to help you look like you have even a vague clue about what you're doing.


ex-AJF-er said:

Just visited the, I was looking forward to viewing the video until a pop up jumped at me "Get the latest bedroom advice, inspiration and special deals." OMG... Please take it off.

Beats said:

This is gold, keep going please

ex-AJF-er said:

Just visited the, I was looking forward to viewing the video until a pop up jumped at me. Please get rid the pop. Makes the brad look cheap.

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