Hahn elevates beer banter to epic proportions in newly launched campaign via Ogilvy Sydney

180524_1650_HAHN_STILL_1.jpgAustralian beer, Hahn, has unveiled a new brand platform this week; 'Hahn - Now You're Talking,' via Ogilvy Sydney, positioning itself as the beer that celebrates conversations between mates over a beer, across the country.

The new platform is backed by a $12million integrated campaign called 'Beer Banter,' which also launches this week.  To start the conversation rolling, a new TVC will elevate one great pub discussion - What is the most epic pub anthem ever? - to epic proportions. Other elements including OOH, PR, social and digital will also roll out over the coming weeks.

180524_1650_HAHN_STILL_2.jpgOgilvy Sydney ECD, Derek Green, said the launch of the new campaign coincides with the 30-year anniversary of the launch of the Hahn brand back in 1988.180524_1650_HAHN_STILL_3.jpg

Says Green: "There's nothing more Aussie men love than a bit of banter over a beer with their mates discussing all of life's big, and not so big issues. So the 'Beer Banter' campaign, across all its executions, takes a good look at these conversations and the connections they have always had, and will Hahn coasters.jpgcontinue to have with a beer like Hahn."

Green said in addition to the TVC and supporting elements, hundreds of 'conversation starters' featuring provocative questions will be seen under Hahn bottle caps and on pub coasters as part of an amplification in conjunction with Geometry Global.  "These questions will get pub conversation flowing as freely as the beer. From 'Who is the greatest ever action hero?' to 'The fast bowler you'd least like to face?' and even 'You're a pro-wrestler. Your theme music is?' Hahn invites all these conversations to take place over an icy cold beer."

Lion portfolio marketing manager, Amy Darvill, said the objective of the campaign is to inject a bit of fun back into the beer category, and remind consumers how good it is to get together with their mates and have a laugh over a great tasting beer.

Says Darvill: "Hahn is unashamedly a big and popular Australian beer brand, and while busy lives might sometimes get in the way, what's a bigger or more popular pastime than catching up with mates for a beer in a pub or over a BBQ? We want this campaign to get this simple pleasure back on everyone's radar.

"We also love how we are bringing back our focus on taste - something that has been absolutely core to the Hahn range of beers since it was but a twinkle in Chuck Hahn's eye 30 years ago. It is part of who we are - anyone who enjoys a schooner of Hahn SuperDry will agree - so let's celebrate it."

Amy Darvill - Lion Portfolio Marketing Manager
Chris Allan - Senior Brand Manager Hahn

Derek Green - Executive Creative Director
Boris Garelja - Creative Director
Andrew Hankin - Associate Creative Director
Andy Cooke - Senior Creative
Toby Harrison - Chief Strategy Officer
Ryan O'Connell - Head of Strategy
Isabella Rago - Strategist
Ben Frost - Group Account Director
Ola Moszumanska - Account Director
Zach Audsley - Senior Account Manager
Renee Nadin - Broadcast Producer

Production Company: FINCH
Director: Alex Roberts
Producer: Catherine Anderson
Executive Producer/ MD: Corey Esse
Executive Producer: Karen Bryson
DOP: Lachlan Milne
Editor: David Whittaker
Edit House: ARC EDIT
Edit Assist: Damien Magee
Edit Producer: Olivia Carolan
Colourist: Trish Cahill
Post Production & Vfx: Nakatomi
Audio: Song Zu
Music Composition: Song Zu
Music Supervision: Donna Fitzhenry @ Music Mill

Media: UM
Natasha Cleak - Client Director
Jack Bellamy - Strategy Director
Ashleigh Vogel - Connections Design Director
Lorena Chiarella - Partnerships Director

Shopper: Geometry
Kate Warren-Smith - Business Director
Ivan Davies - Creative Director
Belinda McKinnon - Group Account Director
Yvette Harapa - Senior Account Manager


jhff said:

A bit boring, not gunna make anyone by the beer.

Literalist said:

"We also love how we are bringing back our focus on taste."

How does that work when your campaign line is "Now you're talking" and the entire ad and its support focuses on the (arguably generic) territory of pub conversations?

morefriendsthanenemies said:

It's definitely dry.

Sheesh tough crowd said:

It's a shit tonne better than anything I've done in the last year or two.

Well done guys. I like it.

Super goes in, meh comes out. said:

This definitely is true and all and is well-crafted off a well-captured cultural insight that's no doubt bang-on for the target, it just doesn't give me any reason to choose Hahn Super Dry over the dozens of excellent beers available for purchase in both pubs and bottle shops when I like to have crap banter with my mates.

Still, as good a campaign as you're likely to get out of this client these days.

I like their old stuff said:
Super Effort. said:

Credit where credit's due. Tough client these days and this is a giant step in the right direction. That is, away from Experience Collectors and towards something I enjoy watching.

Old CD Guy said:

Perhaps it would gain some momentum if there was a campaign to flesh out this rather generic idea. I presume a campaign was written and presented, if only to show what might be possible. But given the reluctance of most clients to spend, or go beyond one 30" spot, I won't hold my breath waiting for Spot 2, Spot 3 and so on for the next 3-6 months, let alone years. Perhaps a campaign of drink coasters...

Hank'n'Spank said:

First to 100 mate, haven't forgotten. But also, nice work.

Read the article again Old CD Guy said:

The article clearly states it’s more than a TV spot Old CD Guy. I expect more from you, I thought you read copy.

Old CD Guy said:

OOH (whatever that is...posters?) PR and social media are not mainstream ior noticed in the way a big TV campaign is. Call me old-fashioned...

Well done said:

Nice to see you've finally made something after 15 years of safety at Ogilvy

Yawn... said:

Feels like an ad from 4 years ago but more boring

A holes said:

If you trollish rogues don’t think this is good then we’re all fucked. Great platform, great execution. I don’t work at Ogilvy by the way but am starting to wish I did.

Young guy said:

Solid. About time beer ads were funny again.

Weird Strategy said:

Says Darvill: "what's a bigger or more popular pastime than catching up with mates for a beer in a pub or over a BBQ?"

So you've made a generic ad for the category?

Victorian (not ) Bitter. said:

It's just a bit of fucking fun.Remember fun?Although I reckon they won't go near the Angels 'Will I ever see your face again'.Now that would be funny.

Just sayin... said:

Did they turn a Facebook post in into a million dollar campaign?

How much of a lifespan will this have? Gonna run out of things to say very quickly.

How many anonymous idiots are on this blog? said:


@how many anonymous idiots are on this blog said:

Well, there's the pot, and there's the kettle too

@@how many anonymous idiots are on this blog said: said:

Spot on.

EPIC AD said:


@Pot & Kettle said:

That’s why this Hahn idea is good. Throw out a stupid question and it gets a response.

Deja vu said:

Had high hopes. However this just feels too familiar.

The music by Daryl Braithwaite - used in a funnier Monkeys spot for bingle.

The facing off of two sides - too much Carlton Draught big ad with yellow and red.

The guys in pub - debating something and then visualising it - seems like countless Budweiser superbowl ads.

I get this is a tough category - but when the world is your oyster, it's a killer brief and something bonkers could have been done.

If the client has the guts to actually run consecutive ads then there will be some fun to be had in this idea - but the first one is too much borrowed interest for me.

Izzy said:

Simple and fun.. Nice one Boris, Hank, Ryan, Kate WS!



Really? said:

Shit goes in, shit comes out.

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