Harris urges Australian coffee lovers to lift their game in new campaign via Momentum Worldwide

image011 (1).jpgHarris Coffee Roasters have launched a major new campaign via Momentum Worldwide, to inspire Australians to stop taking the lazy and expensive option of café bought brews.
In partnership with ARN and its National KIIS FM Network Drive hosts, Will & Woody, the campaign calls on Aussies to learn to make great coffee themselves at home or in the office and brings to life the unpretentious, accessible Harris brand under the new line 'For The Love Of Making Coffee'.

The campaign kicks off with digital video executions, followed by on-air support across ARN culminating in a national coffee making intervention for listeners of KIIS FM's Will & Woody Drive show.
Kicking off at the KIIS kitchen, The Harris Coffee Making Intervention means barista and coffee devotee Will McMahon can finally make a decent coffee at work. The Harris team will then go to winning offices, revamp the kitchen area with a Harris 'brew bar' and provide coffee making lessons and inspiration on the spot.
Harris and Momentum Worldwide, conducted research which found that even though Australians know that roast and ground coffee is best, and they like the idea of making coffee themselves, they don't necessarily do it, favouring café made coffee or lower quality but more convenient formats at home.
Says Mike Stribrny, marketing manager, Harris Coffee: "We identified early in the creative process that for a country that prides itself on drinking great coffee, only about 1 in 4 coffees made in Australian households are freshly made from beans and ground.
"At Harris, we think of it as an essential skill for life. That's why we've partnered with Will & Woody to step in and help create a nation of coffee makers, not just coffee drinkers."
Says Phil Watson, ECD, Momentum Worldwide: "The truth at the heart of this campaign backed by the great new Harris coffee on the shelf should make coffee lovers realise they're missing a trick if they're not making it themselves."

Client: Jacobs Douwe Egberts
Creative Agency: Momentum Worldwide
Media: Havas Media & ARN


great stuff said:

Actually nah, it's complete shit.

Lynn C said:

Coffee is a tough nut (or should i say 'bean') to crack - the market is literally flooded. This is a clever and bold way in for a forgotten brand!

Copy Desk said:

Kind of zigging when they should be zagging. I feel like I've seen hipsters lampooned in a coffee spot before. I feel like I have. There's a feeling there, maybe, and I have it.

Phil said:

Oh dear. Has this agency never made an onscreen piece before? Looks that way.

Crock of shit said:

What the hell is momentum thinking? What a crock of shit, the talent are terrible and one of them is a pseudo hipster anyway!

Clearly momentum have list the plot and i suggest a few agencies pitch directly to Harris coffee before they have been totally forgotten about.

phil watson said:

Oh ffs! The misery! This work was won in a pitch against two excellent agencies and the director / production company (Taxi) did a fantastic job working with the 'talent' - who are radio presenters with extremely limited schedules for shooting and rehearsing. It's also not anti hipster, it's pro making real coffee yourself. And guess what! It's going pretty well based on early results! Everywhere but here that is : )

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