Lacuna Agency + Nunn Media to support Polished Man campaign to end violence against children

PolishedMan__Tommy, Dave, Lehmo (1).jpgLacuna Agency and Nunn Media unite to support the 2018 Polished Man campaign, aimed at ending violence against children.

Not-for-profit organisation, YGAP has selected Lacuna Agency and Nunn Media to lead the media buying for the 2018 'Polished Man' campaign, with the objective to encourage men and women to paint a nail to help end violence against children.

Says Kylie Wallace, head of campaigns, YGAP: "We are delighted and grateful for the support from both Lacuna and Nunn media. With over 54K registered charities in Australia standing out is harder than ever and with their generous help, we're hoping to catch the eyes and fingertips of tens of thousands of Polished Men this October.
"Although people may forget the ads we run, I hope they will remember the feeling we give them, and that they can be part of the solution to ending violence against children."

With the belief in a world where no child suffers from violence, the campaign requests that people paint one nail for the month of October to support the Polished Man movement. The painted nail raises a conversation as well as awareness and funds to ensure no child suffers from violence.

Nunn Media will work in collaboration with partnership specialists Lacuna to deliver a significant pro-bono media campaign aimed at giving Polished Man a voice to help end this horrifying issue, with both reach and relevance as a key focus.

Says Natalie Kean, founder, Lacuna Agency: "After working on the Polished Man campaign last year, we are delighted to continue to support such a worthwhile initiative. Lacuna will be focused on telling the story behind Polished Man to help people forge a deeper connection with the movement, ultimately raising awareness and funds. I cannot wait to build upon the success from last year and deliver an even stronger campaign in 2018."

Says Matthew Nunn, CEO, Nunn Media: "As an independent media agency with family values, we are proud to align with Polished Man. Having seen the efforts and results to date, we are excited to be a part of the 2018 campaign. Our people will join the conversation, engage our media partners and drive awareness. Together, we can help raise funds for those who have suffered or are at risk."

The Polished Man campaign has a soft launch on September 1 with nail painting kicking off on October 1. The combined effort of these agencies will directly support trauma recovery and prevention for children in Australia and around the world.


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