Meet the rich parents you never had in Porter Davis' latest campaign via The Monkeys

PR_Image1.jpgTo drive awareness for its new Smart Living offering amongst first home buyers, Porter Davis has unveiled 'The Rich Parents', a new promotional campaign, created by The Monkeys part of Accenture Interactive, that puts a cheeky twist on millennial's willingness to lean on the 'Bank of Mum and Dad' to get a foot up on the property ladder.

The promotional concept is built on research from Digital Finance Analytics research (January 2018) that shows 55 per cent of Australian First Home Buyers (FHB) rely on financial support from their parents to borrow on average $88,450 to purchase their first home.

PR_Image2.jpgEnter: The Rich Parents You Never Had. Aisha & Stu McFernlayson never had kids; they own 11 properties and generally have too much money. They're on the hunt to adopt a First Home Buyer and share their wealth, becoming the 'rich parents you never had' by gifting a $170K Smart Living Home deposit.

Developed using the insight that FHBs are leaning on the 'Bank of Mum and Dad' for financial support, the campaign includes a competition to win a $170,000 deposit for a Porter Davis Smart Living Home, whilst showcasing the house and land packages. To enter the competition, first homebuyers can visit:

Directed by Matthew Saville (Josh Thomas's Please Like Me and Chris Lilley's We Can Be Heroes), the campaign will roll out across home advertising, digital, radio, press, and on Porter Davis-owned social channels.

Says Lee Lowndes, group content director, The Monkeys: "In a media environment where we're constantly hearing about the challenges for first home buyers, who wouldn't wish for some generous rich parents to contribute $170k to a new house?

"It's a new take on a promotional giveaway we hope will both entertain and capture the attention of young home buyers who might currently think a Porter Davis home is out of their league."

Says Shaun Patterson, general manager, digital & marketing, Porter Davis: "Our Rich Parents campaign aims to increase awareness of the Porter Davis brand within the first home buying market.

"The campaign resonates with the barriers Victorian first home buyers are facing in purchasing their dream home in a unique and irreverent tone. We are thrilled with the collaborative partnership that has formed with The Monkeys. Their strategic rigour and agility to deliver our latest campaign is to be commended."

Watch further episodes at:

Client: Porter Davis
General Manager, Digital & Marketing: Shaun Patterson
Marketing Manager, Channel Strategy: Kelly Jones
Marketing Manager, Digital & Social: Maxine Dare
Head of Creative: Matt Collings

Agency: The Monkeys
CCO: Ant Keogh
Planning Director: Gareth Evans
Group Content Director: Lee Lowndes
Content Director: Jantine Wigboldus
Content Manager: Casey Nguyen
Copywriter: Siobhan Fitzgerald
Art Director: Connor Beaver
Integrated Producer: Emma King
Integrated Producer: Katie Wellbelove

Production Company: The Directors Group
Director: Matthew Saville
Executive Producer: Craig Griffin
Editor: Jon Holmes
Director of Photography: Hamish MacGregor & Marcus Cropp
Grade: Martin Greer
Sound Engineer: Paul Le Couteur, Nylon Studios
Executive Producer: Ceri Davis

Photographer: Neil Bailey, Coco Productions
Retoucher: Dave Mercer


yessir said:

great insight. nailed it.

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Huge Journey. Yessir. Great Insight. Nailed it.

Azzy said:

I like this.



It's nailed. said:

Insight's great.

Great Insight said:

Nailed it.

Fools said:

If you're trying to prove yourselves as the hot new shop in town, why would you PR this?

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Huh? said:

This doesn't make any sense

fhb said:

I’m confused. And who is Porter Davis?

Copy Desk said:

Is this a parody or a real competition? Is it even a competition? Is it some sort of loan? What is a Porter Davis? Is the premise making fun of Millennials? I think these five pieces of information would have helped me. I think maybe there was a lot of love in the cutting room for the gags and not enough love for fundamentals of communication. But there's a lot to love about the fundamentals of communication. I thought some of the jokes were funny. Nicely observed. Great casting. But on the whole, my response was 'wha?'

Non-plussed said:

Instead of giving this to someone who has spent their first home deposit on smashed avos and thrice daily coffees,why not give it to an underfunded cause such as Autism ? Are the McFernlrys real people?

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