Optus Small and Medium Business appoints Ogilvy Sydney as its new creative agency

Optus-Small-Business-Ian-Thorpe.jpgOptus Small and Medium Business (SMB) has officially appointed Ogilvy Sydney as its new creative agency.

Optus SMB will be working closely with Ogilvy to deliver a range of campaigns to raise awareness that there is an alternate for Australian SMBs who are after a premium network, premium products and premium service, all at a competitive price.
Says Cheryl Pearl, director of strategy, marketing and innovation, Optus SMB: "Optus SMB is constantly evolving in the way it works with SMBs to deliver solutions that are tailored to meet their needs. Effectively communicating this to the SMB audience is a vital part of success.

"Ogilvy understood this and we're looking forward to working closely with the team to show SMBs how we can help them build a better business."

Optus SMB had previously worked with M&C Saatchi and The Works.


With or Without You said:

Don't forget WiTH Collective.

M & C YA said:

Office furniture sale at M&C. Everything must go!

Member Berries said:

'member when Optus fired WiTH and management didn't inform the staff and just swept it under the rug.


Juz said:

We miss your money Optus.

Thorpie said:

Why no mention of WiTH in the article? Thorpedo Pool Cleaning / The Olympics for SMB campaign came from there. B+S+T at the time...

Ex Ogilvy said:

Ogilvy continues to go well. As an ex insider that place has changed hugely and is killing it. I love how no one ever talks about their huge turn around. Awards like digital agency of the year and more Lions than ever before plus loads of new business. Great to see a once failing company under poor leadership with Baxter is now doing really well under new leadership. I should have stayed 😩

Jaimes said:

Damn, now I'll have to sell one of my banksy artworks.

@Ex Ogilvy said:

Interesting to see WPP suffer hugely under ex ogilvy management.

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