Optus Sport launches 'The Good, The Bad + The Beautiful' FIFA World Cup TVC via 72andSunny

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 1.11.39 pm.jpgIn a major step towards establishing itself as the home of elite international football​ in Australia, Optus Sport has launched a new campaign via 72andSunny APAC, announcing its position as the exclusive Australian broadcaster airing all 64 matches of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Ben White, managing director for product and marketing said, 'The Good, The Bad and The Beautiful', celebrates the dramatic moments of the World Cup.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 1.12.12 pm.jpgSays White: "This campaign embraces the moments that lift us, unite us, confuse us and, occasionally, send us spiralling into a rage. Quite simply, these moments can come from any game, at any time which is why Optus Sport is excited to be sharing it all."

Aussie viewers will be able to experience every emotion of the tournament with Optus Sport's full coverage, including two 24/7 channels and all 64 matches both live and on demand.

For the first time, Optus Sport will be available to non-customers for a monthly subscription fee.

Says White: "We wanted a campaign that captures the spirit of the game, but also the sheer entertainment value of the tournament for all fans."

Optus Sport is the only place to experience the emotions of all 64 games, with the tournament shown live and on demand. For the first time, Optus Sport will be available to non-customers for a $15 per month subscription fee.

Says Johnny Tan, ECD, 72andSunny APAC: "Capturing all the emotion of being able to watch every moment of the world's most viewed tournament was a cool brief. We hope the campaign shines a small light on the effect that football has on all parts of modern Australia."

Agency: 72&Sunny Sydney
Brand Director: Simon Starr
ECD: Johnny Tan
Senior Account Manager: Alice Child
Senior Agency Producer: Whitney Hawthorne
Senior Designer: Mark Tallis
Senior Writer: Cam Dowsett
Director: Scott Otto Anderson
Producer: Emma Thompson
Executive Producer: Oliver Lawrance
DOP: Shelley Farthing Dawe
Production Designer: Virginia Mesiti
Post Production: Blackbird
Post Producer: Samantha Hall
Editor: Simon Njoo
Colourist: Fergus Rotherham
Director of Marketing and Communications (Optus): Melissa Hopkins
Director of Creative Strategy (Optus): Michael Sinclair
Senior Acquisitions Marketing Manager (Optus): Adam Burling


Whatevs said:

It's almost as if they typed in 'emotional fans on sofa' and got a ready made storyboard.


Just like the 'all the emotions' Telstra ad, only with sport.

own goal said:

FFS, surely not this old strategy again...

Ouch said:

Sorry but 72 is doing terrible work in APAC.

72 and boring said:

Wow, this is like every world cup ad ever.
Everything I saw from 72 Sydney so far was generic like that.
Looks like they are not even trying.

For reals? said:

Dream brief, big budget and this is the result? Not horrific but lacking any insight and an idea that is barely there.
A decent track, script and performances could have helped but not saved this.
Who knows if the client insisted on ‘showing Aussies from all walks of life who love football? Regardless, when you try and appeal to everyone you appeal to no one.
72 and 0 so far in Sydney. The curse of ‘merican agencies trying to crack this market looms large. And the new CD has apparently flown the coop already.

The works we're better said:

I saw this on TV and thought who produces stuff like this? Now we know. Just terrible.

White Can said:

What this work highlights just shows how brilliant an idea the Steinlager White Can for the 2011 Rugby World Cup was.

Huge cultural insight delivered at every touchpoint.

@White Can said:

Go the ABs!

mediocre said:

this is wallpaper at best. definitely not up to usual 72&Sunny standard. they're typically the agency that need a big celeb to pull off hollywood style production..without that, they produce this mediocrity.

Oh no said:

Optus have done a sterling job with the premiere league coverage and I was so looking forward to see what they would do to promote The World Cup. The World Cup. The biggest sporting event in the world. The excitement builds across the globe as one by one blinding commercials ignite the passion, after all, this is a religion. A rare opportunity, once every four years you get to push the boat out. Then this comes out. A damp, insipid, obviously, lazy affair that doesn’t do anything but make you shake your head in dissapointment. Top to bottom, so dissapointing. At Award the other night we were patting ourselves on the back about being a global presence, certainly not in the football arena.

makes sense said:

No agency Planner credits. go figure.

Ugh said:

Utter bilge.

Cringe said:

I actually feel a little embarrassed for 72 in Sydney. So much bravado entering the APAC market and then all vanilla work.

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