Powerball invites Australians to 'Play by your own rules' in new brand campaign via Y&R Brisbane

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Powerball is encouraging Australians to be the person they were born to be in new brand work created by Y&R Brisbane.

The new campaign, launching today, is supported by TV, cinema, social, digital and outdoor.
To bring this to life, Y&R created 'The Power Ball', a party where Powerball winners from different walks of life meet and celebrate their win in their own unique way. 
"Our thinking was if you win Powerball, the rules go out the window," says Brendan Greaney, Y&R Brisbane Executive Creative Director. "So if a group of Powerball winners got together, it would be one helluva party."

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"The Powerball brand has always been about transformation," says Ben Johnson, Brand Portfolio Manager - Jackpots, the Lott.
"We all dream of living life on our own terms. To do what we want, when we want. Winning Powerball gives people the opportunity to do that. To play by your own rules."
 Agency: Y&R Brisbane
Chief Creative Officer: Paul Nagy
Executive Creative Director: Brendan Greaney
Creatives: Shaun Egan, Sam Boyd, Chelsea Parks
Head of Strategy: Andrew Kolb
Client Service Director: Jo Millington
Senior Business Director: Lucy Flower
Account Manager: Vanessa van Dalsen
Producers: Ann Reilly, Kohbe Vela
Editor: Griffin Englander
Digital Producer: Karolina Sikorsky
Digital Developer/Animator: Anthony Collins
Retoucher/Finished Artist: John Shard
Production: Photoplay
Director: Lance Kelleher 
Producer: Emma Thompson
Editor: Rohan Zerna (The Butchery)
Post Production: Cutting Edge
Executive Producer: Trelise Blade
Visual Effects: Steve Leacy, Glen Cone 
Colourist: Justin McDonald
Sound Design: Mike Lange

Music: Level Two Music
Artist: Cajo
Track: Fancy Shoes
Photographer: Damien Bredberg

Client: the Lott
General Manager Marketing: Andrew Shepherd
Brand Portfolio Manager - Jackpots: Ben Johnson
Brand Manager - Jackpots: Gina Gilmore


420blazeit said:


HugeJourney said:

What 420BlazéIt said.

HM said:

Awesome work. Everyone's a winner for making this happen.

JB said:

Nice idea, brilliantly directed and shot, beautifully finished. Winners the lot of you!

Party said:

I do not understand what is going on here... and why.
But it looks like a party I wanna be at.

Read the comments, thought it was gonna be good. said:

It is not.

Eric said:

Sam and Shaun smashing it again. Good work fellas!

Fan said:

Nice work S&S! Now hop to that lifeboat.

There was a strategist on this??? said:

Lance, great direction, but what the hell is going on?


I feel like I just witnessed a Smashmouth do a collab with Barenaked Ladies in 2018 and this is the video.

Congrats! said:

Chelsea, Sam and Chelsea doing great work!

Nudie... said:

Can the last person at Y&R turn the lights off on the way out?

Ps: Wouldn’t this ad be better if everyone was naked?

Just a thought.

What was that about? said:

I have no idea what this is about, what I'm supposed to do, what the brand promise is, what the consumer benefit is, what I'm supposed to feel, or what amazing insight the commercial is trying to demonstrate/activate.
Apart from that its amazing.

Jay Sherman said:

I didn't think it was possible for any ads to be worse than the god awful "Sunny from Suncorp" ads......but congratulations. Mission accomplished

Kirsten said:

Worst ad in a long time, dropped the ball with this one. Does not sell the dream of winning to me!

Starbook said:

Highly magical! For 1 minute I really feel that I am part of this fantastic party! A real feel-good ad!

Wondering said:

Where was the add filmed, in a house or hotel ?

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