targets Aussie renters who own a pet in new campaign via Enthral + Six O'Clock

1 (1) has today launched a digital campaign focused on pet ownership in Australia and renting. The campaign launch via Enthral and Six O'Clock Advisory, coincides with the site's introduction of a new 'pet profile' tool on 1form to help Aussies find a pet-friendly rental.
The campaign features animal behaviourist and media personality, Laura V, who has appeared in a series of light-hearted videos housed on the campaign splash page and amplified on social channels.

To help inform the campaign, conducted a survey of more than 1,000 respondents which revealed some interesting insights and challenges Aussie pet owners face.
Findings included:
- 54 per cent of Aussie renters who own a pet have struggled to find a pet-friendly property
- One in four renters (25 per cent) have lied about owning a pet when applying for a rental
- 74 per cent of Aussies believe that all rental properties should allow pets
- 27 per cent admitted to hiding their pet during a rental inspection
- More than four million Aussies have said they've looked after a pet for a friend or family member during a rental inspection.
And some of the 'quirkier' findings included:
- Given a choice, pets are generally preferred over humans when it comes to housemates (47 per cent versus 38 per cent)
- Women have a strong preference for a pet (53 per cent) over a human housemate (33 per cent)
- 66 per cent of cat owners and more than half of dog owners (54 per cent) allow their pet to sleep in the bed
- One in three Aussie pet owners (30 per cent) admit to having sex with their pet in the room
- Some of the most unusual and strangest pets owned by Aussies include crocodiles, jelly fish, camels, snails and alpacas.
Says Andrew Rechtman, executive general manager, "The rental market can be incredibly competitive, and unfortunately what this research shows is many people who are renting with pets tend to face an uphill battle.
"Over the past 12 months, we've had more than 2.3 million searches for pet-friendly rentals on To help renters present their pet in the best light, we've launched a new 'pet profiles' tool on 1form. With this tool renters can now provide a bio and picture of their pet alongside their application.
"We are always looking to make the rental process easier for renters, property managers and landlords, and to ensure everyone has the information and tools they need in light of changing legislation.
"Since launching pet profiles, we've already seen more than 57,500 people add their pet to an application and we've had a really positive response from property managers and landlords."

View the campaign splash page here.
Client: REA Group
Agency partners: Enthral and Six O'Clock Advisory
Photographer: Tim Carrafa


JJ said:

I think this is a really great initiative! As a dog owner and animal rescuer, I've been busting for people to have this option. I guess the issue will still be landlords saying no.

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