Rocky Ranallo and Matt Smith's consultancy WECOULDDOTHAT picks up Sydney Brewery

b5840dee2d20c194a4e52239a2de2639txh1YE.pdf-thumb.jpgWECOULDDOTHAT the consultancy run by advertising legends Rocky Ranallo and Matt Smith have picked up the Sydney Brewery business.

This is the fourth win for the emerging agency since opening late last year and are moving premises to Coogee from its studio in Leichhardt.

Initially the campaign will focus on the new Sydney Brewery being installed and operated in Surry Hills, then broaden to take in the relaunch of the brand and then a focus on the rebranding of Lovedale Brewery in the Hunter Valley.

The family of eight beers and three ciders which includes the iconic Sydney Cider is continuing to expand with the packaging of Pittwater Bitter and a pear cider Manly Perry.

Sydney Brewey is the most awarded brewery in NSW over the past 3 years.
Says Ranallo: "Sydney Brewery are very happy with our thinking for their brand. It was pretty simple really, a good old school campaign idea that can work across all platforms. Classic art direction, headlines write themselves, and the social posts are simple observations of life in Sydney. You know you're on a good thing when the brewer can come up with a headline."

Says Richard Feyn, marketing manager, Sydney Brewery: "We have been looking for a creative solution that reinforces our position as the original Sydney Brewery and encapsulates our parochial tone of voice. The boys at WECOULDDOTHAT have achieved that with the 'So Sydney' idea, which works brilliantly across all media.

Says Smith: "Sydney is often portrayed as taking itself too seriously. Sydney Brewery believes it's time to change this perception and have some fun with everything that is So Sydney."

The campaign consisting of print radio digital and social will start its run coinciding with the opening of the brewery in June.


ScenesByDean said:

Upward fellas :)

Julie said:

Congrats Rocky and Matt!

Ozzie said:

Great News x Celebrate up the Bot - anical

Donna said:

Well done boys! Good choice Richard.

Yeeeeew! said:

Nice one boys! Let us know when you start hiring.

Memory of an Elephant said:

One, or in this case two can only hope this ends up in a better place than Sydney Cider.

Patsy said:

Great news boys - don't drink all the profits!

Greidy said:

Nice campaign.

Good buggers.

Mil said:

Love it ya legends!

Paid in beer said:

There must be cases of the stuff lying around your new studio.

Cheers said:

The Pun-ters will love these!

Boy's Club said:

These comments are so Sydney.

And the So LA campaign for a certain vodka brand ten years ago deserves some credit.

Who's shout? This stuff is lame

Simon Hadfield said:

Nice one gents.

Dani white said:

Woohoooo!!! Well done, guys! Great agency name!!

Special K said:

Onya fellas. Bloody legends both. K x

Jelly Young Gun said:

For once been old CDs pay off!

Marcus Tesoriero said:

Nice work legends. I’m sure a lot of long hours went into pub research to secure the win.

Justin Drape said:

Good win fellas. Congratulations!

Philip Taffs said:

Rocky has always Rocked

Ken Buchan said:

An agency founded on a campaign for a brewery - I’ll drink to that #stuffoflegend

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