Snooze encourages Aussies to 'create your comfortable' in new campaign via Whippet

Whippet_Snooze_Comfortable (1).jpgMelbourne-based brand transformation agency Whippet has launched a new brand platform and integrated campaign for Aussie bedroom retailer Snooze.

The campaign will run nationally through TV, radio, digital, social and in stores, and is the first work from the agency after a successful pitch in March.

The new work heralds a shift for Snooze as the brand launches its proprietary system, the Snooze Profiler, under a new brand platform that establishes Snooze as the destination for expert advice on all things comfortable, starting with a bed.


The Snooze Profiler system asks customers a few simple questions about how they sleep and how they live, and takes a customer's preferences into account to help them find a mattress that may better suit them.

The campaign includes two 15 second television commercials shot by director Tracey Rowe, featuring a range of bed lovers basking in the comfortable positions that are unique to them.

Says Tod O'Reilly, ECD, Whippet: "Snooze is a well-known Australian brand with great values. And with this work we had a great opportunity to help drive a shift in perception that will continue over time."

Says Simon Beaty, managing director, Snooze Australia: "The introduction of the Snooze Profiler takes Snooze to the next level and maintains the brand as Australia's leading bedroom specialists."

Says Irene Tutek, brand, content and campaign manager: "We're thrilled with the work Whippet has developed within an extremely tight timeframe. It was a pleasure working with a senior and nimble team who understood our current challenges and were able to deliver a flexible platform that can evolve with our business."

Client - Snooze
Simon Beaty - Managing Director
Sarah Baxer - National Marketing & Brand Manager
Irene Tutek - Brand, Content & Campaign Manager
Agency - Whippet
Tod O'Reilly - Executive Creative Director
Reuben Cirugeda - Senior Art Director
Rebecca Williams  - Senior Art Director
Oliver Ward - Copywriter
Pete Forbes - Senior Designer  
Senior Account Director - Lisa Turnbull
Senior Producer - Tania Templeton
Production Company - K & K McGrath
Director - Tracey Rowe
Producer - Kevin McGrath
Production Manager - Ema Thornell
Post Production  - Abe Wynen
Music - Uncanny Valley


Find your competent said:

Can we give it a rest with '(verb)(adjective treated as a noun)' lines? It's getting harder to keep track of them all.

gah said:

A couple of rich trust funders passing out fully clothed after a mid afternoon ice session, tossing and turning in a knot of bedding before ending up sprawled out, legs-a-kimbo, whilst their kids run amok in the other room. Disgraceful.

Brian O’Connor said:

Who sleeps well with a massive cable knit on? I don’t get it.

Makes me feel like the time I had the flu and spent all afternoon tossing and turning and a feverish daze before finally falling asleep and a mess of sweaty bedclothes. Does not make me want to buy a mattress or ever visit snooze.

Verb Your Adjective said:

Verb Your Adjective

Old CD Guy said:

What's with the bed retailers suddenly going all touchy-feely and generic?

A conspiracy theorist might suggest it's to hide all the bullshit 'unique' brands and the shocking mark-ups that have been exposed.

I'll buy that for a dollar.

This advertising.. said:

... makes me sleepy

@this advertising said:

If theres one thing that stops me feeling sleepy its the sudden agitation of my bowls and the urge to take a shit, which is more akin to watching this ad.

Bedlover said:

Those messed up beds made me so uncomfortable.

Why Rafferty Why said:

Why is this getting PR’d?

Yawn. said:


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