Super fund Rest says 'hello progress' in newly launched brand campaign via Mr Wolf

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 7.24.05 am.jpgFollowing in the footsteps of its rebrand, Rest - one of Australia's largest superannuation funds - has launched a new brand campaign called "Hello progress. Hello Rest" via independent creative agency Mr Wolf.

The campaign highlights Rest's focus on finding innovative ways to help connect members to their super, so they can enjoy more of the feeling of making progress.  The launch campaign spans TV, digital, outdoor and social.

Says Mary Atley, general manager, brand, marketing and communications, Rest: "This campaign and our overall rebrand is all about how we're evolving as a fund. We've always put our members interests first, but over the last few years we've focused on innovations that really help our members to connect and engage with their super. Our fresh new brand and this campaign are reflective of the transformation the fund has being going through."

Says Tony Singleton, managing partner, Mr Wolf: "When you think of superannuation it's difficult not to think of retirement. However, when you're talking to a super fund who has a large demographic of younger people like Rest - who generally feel next week is a long time away - you lose them if you start talking about a far-off future that they struggle to relate to. Therefore it was really important to find a way to make this brand campaign about an emotional benefit delivered today and not just tomorrow.

"Fortunately we found a really simple human truth - it doesn't matter who you are or what you're doing, you just feel happier when you're making progress - that also related to the innovations and benefits that Rest has been delivering."

Says Michael Stevenson, managing partner, Mr Wolf: "To help combat any brand misattribution during the rebranding process, we introduced the brand thought at the forefront of the communications. By landing this early we were then able to explore the emotional impact that Rest delivers to its nearly two-million members. The result is a campaign that both we and our partners at Rest are really proud to have produced."

Creative Agency: Mr Wolf
Art Director: Steve Liu, Kelli Anderson
Copywriter: Jen Barnett, Andy Healy
Strategy: Tony Singleton
Account Management: Michael Stevenson
Agency Producer: Tanja Perl

Media: Customedia

Brand Identity: Principals

Production Company: Filmgraphics
Director: Nick Robertson
Producer: Kim Kirby
EP: Anna Fawcett
DOP: Ben Shirley
Editor: Danny Tait
Sound: We Love Jam
Photographer: Sean Izzard


Make it stop said:

Hello montage. Hello inspiring voiceover repeating a word to help campaign line recall. Hello representations of key target markets. Hello representations of key product features. Hello life lived to the full. Hello girl standing on a mountain, arms spread, embracing her future. Hello strategy.

We're better than this, people.

forgot said:

Girl looking up at sky and sun flare on lens through trees

Strategic Genius said:

"To help combat any brand misattribution during the rebranding process, we introduced the brand thought at the forefront of the communications."

Is the brand called 'Hello'??? Didn't think so.

SORRY, BUT... said:

Hello dull ad with no idea.

Mr Average said:

A dogs breakfast as per usual from these clowns.

waste said:

what a waste of money.

Jeepers said:

An internal hype reel that bears no resemblance to the strategy. Nice one.

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