The Australian encourages Aussies to 'make the informed choice' in latest campaign via A/W

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 2.38.15 pm.jpgThe Australian has launched the latest iteration of its "For the informed Australian" brand positioning via Archibald / Williams - leveraging the market's interest in its coverage of the Federal Budget to support the brand's recent momentum in audience growth and consumer sales.
With people hungry for information on the Federal Budget and how it will affect them, The Australian is capitalising on its market-leading political and economic coverage of the Federal Budget, to promote its quality, trusted content to current and potential audiences.

The Australian Brand Campaign - Fake News.jpgCentering around trust, the campaign asks Australians to make the informed choice with The Australian.
Says Alice Bradbury, general manager marketing, The Australian: "From the Royal Commission into Banking to today's Federal Budget to Trump to North Korea, there is so much going on in our world and it's important for Australians to be informed. But we know with algorithms, tweets and click-bait, not all news is created equal.
"There has never been a more important time to choose a trusted brand with news, opinion and analysis from qualified and experienced journalists. This is the inspiration behind our latest brand campaign."
Creative messaging for the advertisements include:
"Read fake news in your newsfeed, or read accountable, fact-checked reporting. Make the informed choice."
"Trust an unqualified blogger, or analysis from authors, academics and experienced journalists. Make the informed choice."
"Spend your commute playing games or spend it on game-changing insight. Make the informed choice"
And in time for the budget: "Take a back seat, or understand where the nation is headed with our Federal Budget analysis. Make the informed choice."
The Australian Brand Campaign - Federal Budget.jpgThe multi-channel campaign will run until end-May across radio and TV including free-to-air, Sky News and FOX SPORTS, OOH on trains, on cafe screens, and at newsagencies; video through social, and ads in print and digital across all News Corp mastheads including The Australian, and all metros, regional and community newspapers.

Client: The Australian
General Manager, Marketing: Alice Bradbury
Senior Marketing Manager, Brand & Retail: Jarrah Petzold
Marketing Manager, Brand & Retail: Dean Roffe

Creative & strategic agency: Archibald / Williams
Partners: Stuart Archibald & Bram Williams
Executive Creative Director: Matt Gilmour
Account Director: Lexi Mounsey
Art Director: Karina Wileman
Copywriter: Tom Selby

Radio production: Nylon


JB said:

Nice work lads

Dick Sons said:

Suspiciously similar to the brilliant work from a few years back.

Dicks Dad said:

Not really Son.

Sure the art direction is the same, but the Dixon’s stuff was well-written.

Big difference.

That's pretty good said:

No, in fact it's really good.

Me too said:

Also reminded me of Dixons ad as soon as I saw it.

Nice if u can get away with it said:

Its a great business. Ship advertising to aus 5 years later and resell it. Brilliant.

Strategy on Paper said:

Divided into two colours.

What did I miss?

SKIP W said:

Ignore the anonymous comments...
These ads are well thought out and timely. Nice work Gilmour and team.

Nice work said:

Simple, well crafted ads.

Read fake news said:

Or read our unashamedly right wing agenda.

Jb said:

What Skip said

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