Tourism Tasmania invites Aussies to 'feed your curious' in new campaign via JimJam Ideas

TTas.jpgTourism Tasmania has launched the latest in its successful 'Go Behind the Scenery' campaign via JimJam Ideas.

JimJam has been working with Tourism Tasmania since 2012 and during that time, the island state has seen record visitor numbers. In fact, Tasmania now ranks as Australia's third most aspirational domestic destination. An epic feat considering spend when compared to other states.

Now in its 11th iteration, 'Go Behind the Scenery' continues to drive visitation numbers with a 75% increase in holiday travelers to the state since 2012.

TTas2.jpgSays Andrew Crocker, co-creative director, JimJam: "Over the past 6 years we've been able to get to the heart and soul of Tasmania. We started with a bang and have kept going, delivering work that's won effectiveness,TTas3.jpg creative and craft awards. Tasmania is a unique and wonderful place full of amazing characters, charm and stories. Feed your curious continues to position Tasmania as a special place that can't be compared to anywhere else."

The last iterationTTAS4.jpg 'Stories Told from the Inside Out' featured almost 40 beautifully crafted films featuring Tassie locals and was named a finalist in the Effies and is a finalist at AWARD this year.

'Feed Your Curious' is an evolution of the campaign which intends to inspire people to move Tasmania from being on their bucket list to take action and plan their own Tassie experience today.

The integrated campaign consists of cinema, television, print, digital, outdoor and online content.
The campaign will launch with television, which is the first time Tasmania has been advertising on TV since the initial launch. Coupled with this is the use of remarketing through digital channels to convert mainlanders to book their trip.

Says Charlie Cook, co-creative director, JimJam: "We're still constantly blown away by what we find in Tassie, even after 6 years. There's an endless source of creative inspiration at our fingertips and it's a privilege and pleasure to share it in a way that makes a difference."

Says Emma Terry, CMO, Tourism Tasmania: "Go Behind the Scenery XI - Feed Your Curious invites consumers on a journey of discovery around Tasmania and demonstrates that the true essence of Tasmania lies in what's beneath the surface. It is Tourism Tasmania's longest campaign and has a strong media strategy that combines high reaching channels with unique partnership activity to reach and engage new audiences. We are excited to launch the campaign, spark curiosity and welcome more visitors to Tasmania in the coming months.

"The team at JimJam have a deep understanding of Tasmania as a tourist destination and a unique ability to bring it to life which they continued to capture in this new campaign."

Agency: JimJam Ideas:
Creative Directors: Andrew Crocker & Charlie Cook
Strategy Director: Tony Gordon
Group Account Director: John Campbell-Bruce
Account Manager: Vanessa Buckley
Executive Producer: Ben Adams
Art Directors: Patrick Andersson, Paul Carpenter,  Mike Miller

Production: Filmgraphics:
Director: David Denneen
Executive Producer: Anna Fawcett
DOP: James L Brown
Editor: Toby Denneen
Colourist: Ben Eagleton
Flame Artist: Hugh Seville
Actress: Matilda Brown

Music & Sound Design: Rumble Studios
Composer: Johnny Green
Sound Designer: Tone Aston
Music & Sound Producer: Michael Gie

Client: Tourism Tasmania
Campaign manager, Head of Brand & Content: Lindene Cleary
Chief Marketing Officer: Emma Terry


put a fork in it said:

this is cooked

Oh dear said:

Over the top twaddle, i preferred the content work they produced before. It made me think about going there....this has the opposite effect.

Sarah J said:

Lovely piece of film, makes me want to go, well done.

Radelaide said:

Radelaide Ad agencies - here's your chance to go after the Tassie account. Your work totally outshines this stuff.

Must try harder said:

Yeah not bad but the music lets it down horribly. Hey yeah, lets do some happy-clappy-footstompy folk, 'cos that's never been done before. F*ck me! Surely we all moved on from this genre 5 years ago. So why did someone dig out Of Monsters & Men's 'Little Talks' as the music reference AGAIN!!!! Good job on the pics DD.

Noice said:

It's quite a nice spot, not amazing but I think the punters will warm to it.

Zane said:

Has a beautiful tempo to it, draws you in, directed brilliantly good job.

Curious said:

Find this one curious, yes a little cliche but I think it suits in an odd way.

Well said:

DD you are the best. You make a rather pedestrian script into a an excellent story.

Time and the Persistence of Finalists said:

Too much Salvador Dali, not enough Wes Anderson.
The whimsy in the previous work has a realism to it,
with just a touch of magical realism lining the edges.
This is pure surrealism, and like a big puff on Magritte’s
proposition pipe, it leaves my mindsky clouded with mackerel.

Beautiful said:

Beautiful, the small touches of surrealism make the film

gross said:

Come on, is everyone on the gear...? This is so ugly and dated in so many ways. The punters, MONA and Tassie deserve better. Love some of DD's work but not this sorry.

GOAT said:

Don't let this distract you from the fact that Lebron James swept the Raptors in the 2018 playoffs today. Cementing his place as the greatest of all time.

Alice in Chunderland said:

Feed your curious?


It's 2018. I thought we were past murdering the language in payoff lines.

Dated before it even started.

Hello '90s said:

Black Hole Sun won't you come and wash away what I just saw.

meredyth judd said:

Lovely job David well done really lovely spot.Mx

Put me off Tasmania. said:

The brief to David was obviously 'we haven't got an idea so throw everything at it'.

Good try David. You did well with the limitations of the 'thinking'.

makes me want to go said:

Well bit divisive, and pretty harsh, never been to Tasmania and thought it was pretty intriguing, I'm looking into going

makes me want to go said:

What's all the fuss, I quite liked it, stunningly shot, haven't been before but thought it modernised the place, well done all

Sold my wife said:

Lol, showed my wife who seriously hates ALL ads and she's sold.
Packing my fishing gear as we speak, thanks guys really nice work

Trip said:

Did someone spike my coffee this morning?

Special K said:

Beautifully shot. Nice one Jim Jammers.

Mark said:

If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. I like this - dreamy, trippy and enjoyable.

ES said:

I really like the realness of this spot .... and some beautiful pictures too. Nice job DD, and Charlie & Croc.

No said:

This bears zero resemblance to what Tasmania has to offer as an experience.
Time to give the gig to a local agency perhaps?

smashmouth called said:

they want their video clip back

Deja Vu again said:

Feels like a second hand Melbourne Tourism ad....except its no where near as polished and original in its thinking. Too many Magritte-a's boys?

If you had told me said:

that this was produced in 1984 ...I would believe you.

Copy Desk said:

Isn't the old Alice in Wonderland thing a bit done? Isn't the old verb-your-adjective construct a bit played out? Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? The hard work and craft in this spot is evident, but it's a missed opportunity.

Tasmania has far more depth and genuine mystique than its quirky little sideshows. Just ask Rosehaven.

It would be great to see a campaign that did some work to uncover what's real about the place, rather than just point a camera at mazes, murals, miniature towns and Mona, spend three weeks in post and hot damn there's your ad. Something that captures the real experience. From where you'd rather be. Miller High Life.

What's great about Tassie is the people, the environments, the food and the stillness. Sure there's vibrancy and weirdness. But there's also that quiet, sleepy quality that pervades every experience down there. It's about slowing down, surely. Not running around wide eyed like a five year old with a Red Bull.

On the other hand JimJams have had this account for years and their long-running creative platform is working its arse off, so there's a chance they know what they're doing. And maybe there are people out there who love the shit out of mazes.

Really good said:

I think it’s a great strategy. Come to Tassie where it’s still like 1994.l, and it’s ok to look like Pauline Hanson.

As an aside, MONA has been the only thing that increased visitor numbers, I certainly would not be claiming those figures myself.

feels like some of JimJam's lesser known works... said:
Kamahl said:

Why are people so unkind?

Az said:

Does anyone know what the song is called in this ad?

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