VICE launches new season of 'Are You Ready To Be 30?' with ahm health insurance via Carat

VICE_AHM_S02_E01 (1).jpgYouth media company VICE and ahm health insurance, along with Carat, announce the second season of the riotous online gameshow series 'Are You Ready To Be 30? (AYRTB30?).

Following an engaging two-part first run, AYRTB30? returns with some new bells and whistles, and three episodes. Channeling Sale of the Century and cult show Broad City, the series' light-hearted, green-screen heavy approach recognises that millennials aren't exactly full blown adults yet and are looking for less serious, doom and gloom messaging--much like their appetite for uncluttered, simple health insurance information and services.

Zeroing in on the honest truths of being an adult, the show again offers young Australians (on the show's couch and at home) some relief from the pressures of getting "old". Poking fun, the game show ultimately delivers "adult" advice in an entertaining and brutally honest fashion.

Says Amanda Romeo, head of brand and acquisition, ahm health insurance: "AYRTB30? is a great reminder that everyone's fumbling their way towards adulthood and clearly nobody has all the answers. The launch of season two is particularly timely as many young Aussies are starting to look at taking out health insurance for the first time. So whether they're ready to be 30 or not, I think after watching the content they'll see ahm as a hassle free health insurance option."

Says Royce Akers, creative director, VICE Australia: "AYRTB30? is one of those great jobs that comes along where everyone in the office wants to work on it. This was equal part the idea (turns out everyone here is a closet gameshow tragic) and having a client that is brave, creative and keen to collaborate. Season two was a blast. Bring on season three."

The series will once again run across VICE and ahm O&O platforms, social media, and as special SBS Viceland cutdowns.


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