Alt.vfx and ARC EDIT brings a slice of Aussie summertime to Cannes with annual pool party

IMG_2516 (1).jpgAlt.vfx and ARC EDIT has once again celebrated their traditional annual pool party and BBQ in Cannes and have brought a little Aussie summer to the Riviera.
It was another well-attended event, with a fun time had by all!
IMG_2473.jpg IMG_2476 (1).jpg IMG_2494 (1).jpg IMG_2495 (1).jpg IMG_2499 (1).jpg IMG_2502 (1).jpg IMG_2507 (1).jpg IMG_2511 (1).jpg IMG_2515 (1).jpg IMG_2519 (1).jpg IMG_2521 (1).jpg IMG_2522 (1).jpg IMG_5058.jpg
IMG_5059.jpg IMG_5060.jpg IMG_5061.jpg IMG_5062.jpg  IMG_5065.jpg IMG_5073.jpg IMG_5074.jpg IMG_5075.jpg IMG_5076.jpg IMG_5077.jpg IMG_5078.jpg IMG_5079.jpg IMG_5080.jpg IMG_5081.jpg IMG_5082.jpg IMG_5083.jpg IMG_5085.jpg  IMG_5091.jpg IMG_5092.jpg IMG_5094.jpg IMG_5095.jpg IMG_51067.jpg 86ECABFC-EC52-4990-A219-4CFBCA7CC628.jpg

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