Amazon has everything you need from A-Z in first major Australian campaign via TBWA\Sydney

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 8.02.15 am.jpgTBWA\Sydney has launched the first major Australian campaign for, which features a series of funny TV commercials.

The 'Everything you need from A-Z, easy AZ' campaign was directed by acclaimed director Paul Middleditch of Plaza Films.


Same same but different said:

Like the line, and the spots feel like humorous little observations on life, but...

I just can't help but feel how similar it is to that great campaign Wieden+Kennedy made for Target, "Life's a Moving Target". They made 150 spots where unexpected Target products are served up as the solutions to every day situations.

that guy ^ said:

You could argue that its the same as most ads with that logic.
The job of an ad is to show how the product solves something for consumers right?

Simple and fun spots, loved them!

And you wonder why...... said:

Harvey Norman are so shit scared. So simple. So good.

T is for said:


Familiar said:

Wasn't Alianz's line insurance for everything A to Z?

Kiwi said:

Yous fullas stoled how we talk ay. Bullshit as!

Not sold said:

The Target work was funnier.

Jet said:

Easy az - Nice line. Big clicks. Shame...

FB said:

Simple but will be very effective.

sans said:

shame on Amazon for coming to Aus and stomping on the little guy- Myer and David Jones have been delivering world class goods for pennies on the dollar to Australia for centuries and this is how we repay them? Progress At Any Cost

@sans said:

shut up

deadpool said:

@ Same same but different.
If you mean by the 'same' that they both have moving footage and facilitate a retail advertising piece. You have nailed it.

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