Anthony Svirskis' Cannes Diary #4

IMG-20180620-WA0002 (1).jpgAnthony Svirskis (left), chief executive officer at Tribe is representing Australia on the Cannes Social & Influencer Lions jury. Svirskis, along with most of the other Australian and NZ jurors writes for CB.

LATE NIGHTS are part and parcel of the Cannes shenanigans. You can speak to any number of bleary-eyed ad men and women who spent the evening partying on a yacht, moved to the Carlton, and ended up in the Gutter.
I had a late one last night. Yesterday soon became today, but not because I was living the high life. Sadly, I didn't get to see Kylie. We knew it would be a long day. But finishing at 12:30am wasn't the plan. I'm bleary-eyed for all the wrong reasons.
Yesterday was far more relaxed than the bickering of the day prior. That's not to say consensus had become any easier. We were just shattered. I can't believe how tough this week has been. Honestly. Expectations and reality are often diametric. It's been so worth it though.
IMG-20180620-WA0003 (1).jpgThe final cut is tough. The tolerance between brilliant and exceptional work is razor-thin.  The process - digging into the minutiae of each piece; laser-focusing your critical eye - is significant. It's repetitive as well. Rinsing through submission videos over and over again, ad nauseum. Trying to see it from a different perspective each time. It's an unenviable task.
Knowing how much is riding on each entry for the creatives involved gets to you a bit. The hard work that has gone into each piece. The hopes and dreams, the aspiration, the disappointment your decisions will cause. It's not a nice feeling, but it had to be done.
Even a bronze is a global honour, so anything we elevated to this status was extra-ordinary on multiple levels. Those that aren't eliminated through the distilling process are generally irrefutable. There weren't many.
The atmosphere in the room was one of determination and purpose. We barely saw sunlight. The pressure of this being the inaugural event added another dimension to the complexity of the final outcome. Even with the recent public commentary, Cannes Lions now accepts social influence as a powerful and important format. Just last year this felt a long way off.

This is the opportunity for the industry to flex its muscles; to show the world what can be done. Cannes is about creativity first and foremost. Having an appreciation of the process, the craft, the layers of thought that culminate in great work.
IMG-20180620-WA0009 (1).jpgBut Cannes has become about technology, regardless of what the naysayers insist. This new category has proved that technology and creativity are by no means mutually exclusive. They can and must work side-by-side. Each supports and enables the other. It's like yin and yang - finding a balance will define the category. It's such a privilege to be a part of that.
This year was seminal, next year will be incredible. It has been such a learning curve. An emotional rollercoaster. We've laughed and joked, nearly cried and definitely argued. It has been a privilege to be offered the chance to witness the endless possibilities of the medium.
At the end of the day we all hugged. It was a touching moment. We all agreed the experience will stay with us forever. I can't wait for next year.

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