Aussie Creative Director Mike Newman launches 'Don't Die Wondering' crime novel set in Cannes

A week in Cannes can be murder.
The action plunges through the famous hotels and bars of the French Riviera during festival season as Andy Carrick - an ex soldier still doing battle with himself - hunts for the cut-throat razor killer of a decadent advertising guru murdered during a long lunch at La Colombe d'Or.
Is it really the crime of passion it's been made to look, he wonders?
Or is it actually big business related?
Or just maybe it's a brazen art forgery scam?
At first the murder seems a real life-saver; Carrick aches to get back to the centre of things.
But suddenly he's not so sure. The investigation is leading him straight back to his own messy past, a dark and lonely place he's in no hurry to revisit.
When his own alibi crumbles he starts wondering one more thing: can he survive seven days and nights in a town full of liars for hire?
Want vivid characters and tight plotting shot through with dry wit?
Strap yourself in.

DON'T DIE WONDERING is a desperate search for truth in a world of betrayal. Vivid characters and tight plotting shot through with dry wit. Strap yourself in.


Praise for Michael Newman, the former ECD at Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney in the 90s (pictured right in Cannes) from Amazon readers:

"Newman engages the reader from the first page . . . a smart and compelling book"
- Sarah A. Schaffer

"Absolutely wonderful, well written and very unique . . . I totally love it. It will stay in my personal library. (No, I won't be selling it on Amazon like I do most of my books.) It will get read again and again"
- Susanna Hutcheson

"He knows how to get attention . . . Read it for the asides, the tangents . . . the rambles. We recommend you read it for pleasure"
- Rolf Dobelli

"It is these captivating interludes that make the book really valuable . . . an engaging repast . . . anybody reading this book is sure to find in it a delightful book worth possessing"
- Mind Mapper

Don't Die Wondering - review:
"A lethal dose of advertising - compulsive soon as you start reading"
Engaging, beautifully written and totally believable. I was completely compelled to keep reading from the get go. What a unique book, and fun, more than just a genre piece. More than just one genre here. There's a big cast but it still really moves along just like being at the Cannes Lions Festival. You get a strong sense of place (mostly the Riviera) and the glamorous quirky people are well defined and interesting. Not high-stakes political stuff, but intense and psychological specially when it comes to the lead character - Andy Carrick is a bit of a hero in every sense, but what a damaged guy. US readers shouldn't expect another Jack Noble (Carrick is not James Bondish), Jack Reacher (not so macho), or even Dave Robicheaux (more likeable), he's more the unsure, repressed English type. So his narrative feels real. Though he can certainly do the action sequences when he needs to. As ex-SAS he's rippling with impulse. Tough on the outside but inside not so much. There's a lot of emotional complexity in the way he stumbles through the murder story's twists and turns and gets himself into trouble with the French police and out of his depth with women. Quite the unexpected twist at the end too. With its themes of Fakery and Betrayal it's really topical. I've worked in advertising for years and even though it's fiction this book is no stranger to the truth. Definitely recommend. 
- Esmeralda

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