Australian furniture startup Koala launches search for 'Australia's most frustrated copywriter'

Screen Shot 2018-06-26 at 9.21.33 am.jpgAustralian furniture startup Koala is looking for a copywriter who "is sick of agencies" and wants to "get more work made than they've had hot dinners".

Founded in 2015 and based in Sydney, Koala has experienced explosive growth to become Australia's top online furniture retailer. The headcount has increased to 70 after launching in Japan and New Zealand, and the product range is constantly expanding to take on the likes of IKEA and Muji.

The mission: build an Australian lifestyle furniture brand with a global presence.

Koala's internal creative team has already made a dent with notable billboard campaigns, an internally-produced primetime TVC and lots of viral video. Candidates are invited to make the brand their own, becoming the first copywriter in the company.

See how Koala's creative team works here.

Perfect candidates aren't just frustrated with seeing their ideas die. They are more interested in business than awards, and want a world-class startup education while they get work made.

An appetite for cake, VB and in-office yoga doesn't hurt either.

Apply for the job here.


Greidy said:

They've done some lovely and unaffected work for what is becoming a great brand.

Fresh approach to recruiting too.

Jason Rose said:

I believe that the success of Koala demonstrates the true commercial potential sitting underutilised within our creative agencies. Unleash the beast!

Think I've found your guy said:

I know Australia's most frustrating copywriter, is that close enough?

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