Award winning sound designer and engineer Stevo Williams joins the crew at Final Sound

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 10.29.09 am.jpgSays Paul Shanahan (far right), partner and sound designer, Final Sound: "We're a little late in announcing this, but we think that Stevo is news worth waiting for!"

The 'Stevo' in question, of course, is Stevo Williams (far left), award winning sound designer and engineer (and all 'round great bloke), who, having recently finished his 10 + year tenure at Flagstaff Studios, has found a new perch upon which to roost with the crew at Final Sound.
Says Williams: "Having the opportunity to freelance out of an environment like Final Sound is a pleasure and a privilege. I've known Craigie for ages, and Paulie's a champ, so I'm rapt to work alongside two of the finest gents in the business - and, on top of that, to have the support of the awesome Pip; it's bloody brilliant. I'm lovin' it!!"

Says Craig Conway (above, centre), co-owner and sound designer, Final Sound: "Stevo and I started out in the industry together and it's great to be working together again. It's a no-brainer that adding a person of his talent, calibre and good nature to our facility is a win for everyone. We welcome Stevo and look forward to celebrating his success!"

Says Shanahan: "It just feels right with Stevo in the mix, he brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the studio. It's a joy having him here."

To add a little bit of that Stevo, Paulie, or Craigie magic to your next project, get in touch:


Drew said:

Great addition to an already awesome team!!!

Buzz Pringle said:

Congats Stevo!

Buzz Pringle said:

Congrats even!!

Excellent news said:

A wonderful contributor to the Melbourne ad world for over 30 years. Well done Final Sound and congratulations Steve. [I'm too old school to do the Stevo-thing!]

Andrew Peters said:

What a bunch of talented great guys, add to that a brilliant studio with some of the best gear you’ll ever get to play with. Love this!

Claudia said:

Congrats Steve-o!!!

Zoe said:

Everyone's a winner! Awesome news guys.

Philip Taffs said:

Stevo still sounding good

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