Babbel launches extraterrestrial global TV campaign via Wieden+Kennedy, London

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 1.22.12 pm.jpgBabbel, the world's top-grossing language learning app, has launched a new global brand campaign that, visually and thematically, is of another world. The campaign, which is now launched globally across TV, social, and digital channels, has been created with Wieden+Kennedy London.
The campaign presents an interplanetary protagonist that unifies all language learners in the shape of 'Alexi': a newly arrived extraterrestrial on Planet Earth, who embodies the universal feeling of alienation when in a different country (or solar system) with no knowledge of the native tongue. It is delivered via a 2-minute filmic feature for social media, as well as two playful 30-second spots for TV.

Says Sylvain Lierre, director of brand at Babbel: "For this campaign we wanted to find a universally identifiable situation that all of our learners, could relate to. This wasn't an easy task.

"Using an alien protagonist let us tap into that universal feeling of isolation that anyone has gone through, regardless of their country of origin or background."
Says Sophy Woltman, account director at Wieden+Kennedy London: "Babbel is a company that cherishes diversity and it was important that this campaign was routed in an inclusive, universal insight. What better way to show feeling like an outsider, than an alien from another world trying to learn the language with Babbel."
The campaign unfolds with Alexi rolling between multiple, close encounters of the awkward kind - from unsuccessfully asking for directions, to being locked out of a hotel room; and in mistaking a serious anecdote for a comedic punchline -  leaving our alien visitor dismayed at his own inability to be understood and navigate a route through his various plights. In Alexi's own words, "When you don't know the language you feel like an outsider."
After downloading the Babbel app, however, Alexi is finally equipped with the tools to converse, swiftly making friends, confidently cracking jokes, and feeling ever more at home in a world where he first felt entirely alien. Alexi's heartwarming journey acts as a unifying metaphor for all Babbel users, and reflects Babbel's desire to quell the initial feelings of trepidation experienced by all language learners.

The campaign, which launched in April, is reinforcing Babbel's positioning as the 'conversation experts' and building on W+K London's successful 2016 and 2017 campaigns created with the language learning company.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy, London
Creative Director: Hollie Walker & Kit Dayaram
Creatives: Adam Newby, Will Wells, Tom Hall
Executive Creative Directors: Tony Davidson & Iain Tait
Account Director: Sophy Woltman
Account Manager: Sam Hunton
Planning Director: Andy Wright
Planner: Rachel Hamburger
TV Producer: Richard Adkins

Production Company: O Positive
Director: David Shane
Executive Producer: Nell Jordan & Ralph Laucella
Line Producer: Nell Jordan
Director of Photography: Tim Maurice-Jones
Editorial Company: The Quarry
Editor: Paul Watts
VFX Company: Time Based Arts
VFX Supervisor: Luke Todd
VFX Producer: Chris Aliano
Music Company: Mr Pape
Sound Company: We Love Jam Studios
Sound Designer: Jack Sedgwick & Aaron Reynolds
Sound Producer: Ben Tomlin
International Versioning: Jam Worldwide


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