BizCover's campaign via Eardrum makes sorting your business insurance seem like a great idea

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 10.47.18 am.jpgOnline small business insurance service provider BizCover has launched a campaign designed to be a turnoff. The campaign was developed by Sydney-based agency Eardrum.

The radio and TV ads feature people farting in the bath and clipping toenails to encourage Australians to stop watching or listening and finally get a cheaper deal on their business insurance.

Says Michael Gottlieb, founder, BizCover: "Insurance is a low interest category, with a lot of insurance advertising having low recall and a low talk-ability factor, so we wanted to shake things up with a campaign that would make people talk and something that they will remember. We know this campaign will polarise but we hope it will get people talking."

BizCover has already noticed a strong uplift in results in the first couple of days, despite the ads being banned from Sky News.

Says Gottlieb: "It's too early to tell if we've totally nailed it yet."

Says Tristan Viney, CD, Eardrum: "There's a certain irony in Eardrum creating an unwatchable TV ad, but the benefits of businesses going to BizCover to compare and insure are outlined clearly and the results are speaking for themselves."

Head of Marketing; Sharon Kenny
Marketing & Communications Manager; Narelle Cole
Founding Creative Director: Ralph van Dijk Creative Director: Tristan Viney
Producer: Jessie Williams
Production Company (TV): Rawkus
Director (TV): Rick Spence


hmmmmmm said:

That is quite simply fucking horrible.

Etch said:

could be most etch thing i've seen

shit for shits sake. said:

should put logo up front as no one will stay to the end or ever watch again. garbage

Radish said:

Could only remember the disgusting toe nails, not the insurance company . Certainly could not keep looking at the screen. Too awful!

HJ said:

Strengths: held my attention throughout, including all three radio spots. Production v good, voiceover for bathtub spot funny, entertaining.

Weaknesses: I find myself questioning the relevance of gross/unpleasant in relation to insurance.

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