Cannes Contenders: CHE Proximity

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Carsales - AutoAds-REV.jpgCarsales: AutoAds
CHE Proximity
Carsales' AutoAds is a cloud-based platform that gives every second-hand car seller in Australia a one-of-a-kind, expensive-feeling car ad. For free. Over 5,000 pre-recorded audio and video clips are seamlessly stitched together with every photo, every possible odometer reading, every seller's name and every price variable to generate real commercials - in real time. Each is based on a car marketing genre. Tough, City, Adventure, Family and Luxury. In the first week alone, 435,215 AutoAds were generated. Over 5,000 new ads are made every day. And with a possible 1.2 trillion unique combinations, no two AutoAds will ever be the same.
Hearprint.jpgCochlear: Hearprint
CHE Proximity
Cochlear wants to help Australians understand, identify and act on their hearing loss, before it's too late. Hearprint is purpose built software that bypasses the internet's 'one size fits all' audio signal, calibrating every video, TV show and audio track on the internet to peoples unique hearing ability. It launched alongside two documentaries about inspirational Australians whose lives were changed by their Cochlear implant. To watch the films, people set their Hearprint against four frequencies - identified as the most important for human hearing. Hearprint can then be updated over time, giving Cochlear a direct view of how people's hearing changes, helping them have a more informed conversation. Hearprint has turned every video, TV show and audio track on the internet, into a moment to remind Australians of their unique hearing ability.
Billion Point.jpgVelocity: Billion Point Giveaway
CHE Proximity
Velocity, Virgin Australia's loyalty-program, offers bonus points to encourage members to transfer reward points over to purchase flights. In a time where other global airlines were hiding mistakes, trust in their frequent flyer programs was fragile. There was the opportunity to emphasise the responsibility brands owe customers. How do you earn trust? Make a mistake - and honour it. Meet Tim, the intern, who sent an email to 7.5M Australians offering a share of 1 billion (instead of million) points. After 24-hours of public debate, Velocity declared they'd see the error through. The unfolding consequences played-out in a 40-part Netflix-style series. But unlike tuning into a show, this one found you. On Facebook? The relevant episode appeared. YouTube? The next episode was a pre-roll. Email? The sequel hit your inbox. The webisodes follow Velocity's management as they go through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and finally exhausted acceptance after giving away nine hundred ninety-nine million more points than intended.
Inconvenience Stores.jpgSwann Insurance: Inconvenience Stores
CHE Proximity
Swann Insurance is one of Australia's leading specialist motorcycle insurers. With riders only getting on their bikes twice a month, Swann wanted to give them another reason to ride. Turning an everyday errand into an epic adventure, Inconvenience Stores opened across the country. They were stocked with Swann's own brand of Inconvenient Products (milk, chocolate and toilet paper). Each product was free for riders and offered an insurance discount. Getting the milk now meant getting on your bike for hours (in some case days).

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