Cannes Contenders: Clemenger BBDO Sydney/TKT Sydney

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

V_Bit Better Fallout[1] (1).jpgFrucor: Bit Better Fallout
TKT Sydney
In 2018, Australia's largest energy drink V, wanted to target gamers. Instead of just putting a billboard into a video game it turned the entire game of Fallout 4 into an epic demonstration of its brand platform 'The massive Hit that improves you a bit' - The mod included over 3 hours of new and unique gameplay, 7 new characters, 100s of lines of dialogue and resulted in 100,000+ downloads.
775029915_CS_3040_B4ED84F25B723B0E8CCB10DB8FEDE95B[2] (1).jpgTourism Australia: Aussie News Today
Clemenger BBDO Sydney
Youth Unemployment. Student Debt. House prices. Global warming. Trump. It might just be the world's shittest year ever. To get young people to escape to Australia, Tourism Australia launched Aussie News Today. A youth news channel that disrupted the constant feed of bad news with uniquely Aussie good news. Hundreds of good news stories that countered bad news, on multiple platforms, in multiple languages, in real time.
Hungry Jacks_Keeping It Real[1] (1).jpgHungry Jack's: Keeping it real
Clemenger BBDO Sydney
In a world gone mad with; food fads, kale smoothies, brakeless bikes and inverted Yoga, Hungry Jack's stands proud as the home of big, bold, no-bullshit burgers. In this spot, a regular guy has landed in hipster foodie hell when he's saved by a call from an unexplained burger phone.


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