Cannes Contenders: Host/Havas

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

AIR NZ Key Vis.jpgAir New Zealand: A Very Merry Mistake
Kiwis have a unique take on the English language. They shift their vowels and often make up new words entirely. A Very Merry Mistake celebrated the uniqueness of the New Zealand accent by telling the story of Santa' difficulties understanding the present requests of Kiwi kids. Piggy Banks became Puggy Banks, request for Basketballs saw Biscuit Balls being made, Airplanes were mistaken for Ear Planes. With Santa's Workshop in chaos, Air New Zealand came to the rescue, giving Santa a lesson in how to decipher kiwi, and helping clear the place of all the wonderfully mis-made toys that were clogging up operations by distributing them across their global flight network. View the film here.
Super Bowl Key Vis (1).jpgAir New Zealand: Superbowl Losers
When it was revealed that Tourism Australia was producing a big budget Superbowl spot to promote Down Under, Air New Zealand thought they'd be silly not to let North Americans know they could fly with them. Unfortunately they didn't have a Superbowl-sized budget, so with just 48 hours to kick off, they chose to promote their flight offering to a very particular audience - the losers. An online film let North Americans know that Aussies didn't know, or care, about anything American Football related, making Australia the perfect place to escape if your team had just lost the big game. Somewhere you could forget your woes, and not be reminded of them.

PR-Palau-Hero-PASSPORT-A_1920x1080.jpgPalau Legacy Project: Palau Pledge
To curb the ecological damage caused by booming tourist numbers, a bold, new, permanent entry visa process was created for Pacific island-country, Palau. All international arrivals now have an environmental pledge stamped in their passport, which they must sign before an immigration officer to enter Palau. The agreement, dedicated to Palau's children, is a formal promise to act in an environmentally responsibly way on the island. Palau is the first country to incorporate environmental practices into its immigration laws. To implement the Pledge, customs processes and the law were changed. A completely redesigned tourist experience includes a passport brochure, an inflight film shown on all inbound flights, education for citizens, a business accreditation program, a website, signage, penalties, and collateral.

Bottom100_Thick_1920x1080.jpgFund for Peace: The Bottom 100
The Fund for Peace is an international not-for-profit organization. They needed a way to cut through the apathy of a public that's become numb to the suffering of 65.6 million people displaced by conflict and persecution. Using the annual rich lists that we love looking at to make us see what we've become blind to, we created The Bottom 100: a collection of faces and stories from the other end of the world's rich list. It puts a human face to the suffering of millions, helping to personalise their struggles, and get a society fixated with the richest to start talking about the poorest.

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