Cannes Contenders: McCann Melbourne

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

Infinite Futures_University of Melbourne_Key Image (1).jpgUniversity of Melbourne: Infinite Futures
McCann Melbourne
Every university promises to prepare students for every possible future.  But the reality is, we don't know what the future looks like. To prove that the University of Melbourne prepares students for every possible future, McCann Melbourne used the University's own research and data to visualise the worlds and landscapes that await them. Medical data was merged with biometric research, climate change data with urban design and population growth data with future city modelling. These beautifully-crafted visualised futures were designed to engage a younger audience - one that wouldn't normally search out or share the content of an educational institution. Infinite Futures was recognised at the 2018 Adfest Awards receiving a Silver Design Lotus and a Bronze Lotus for Film Craft.
Digital Puppetry_Melbourne International Film Festival_Key Image (2).jpgMelbourne International Film Festival: Digital Puppetry
McCann Melbourne
Film is one of the most powerfully immersive storytelling mediums. It allows the audience members to live vicariously through characters in completely different worlds to their own. The Melbourne International Film Festival has always prided itself on offering a deeply immersive and emotional experience. So, on opening night instead of inviting audience members to watch a film, MIFF invited them to escape into the characters inside one. A live experience that combine VR and 3D projection mapping, powered by a gaming engine, enabled audience members to immerse themselves into film like never before. Digital Puppetry has already garnered a One Show Silver, Webbys Honoree and a New York Festival finalist.

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