Cannes Contenders: VML Sydney

How will Australia perform at Cannes this year? In the lead up to the Festival, Campaign Brief will be showcasing the work we hope will impress the judges...

ALEXA.jpgPartnership Against Domestic Violence: The Alexa Lifeline
VML Sydney
VML Sydney created the Alexa Lifeline and transformed the most prolific voice assistant in America into an emergency messenger for those trapped in a violent relationship. Lifeline is activated when a victim simply asks Alexa to play loud music. This triggers a song and a pre-written, secret message that is waiting in the cloud, which is then sent to a friend who can interrupt the abuse. Lifeline is hidden within a generic music player with a different name to ensure its true purpose remains secret.
The Nightlight Project.jpgRonald McDonald House Charities: The Nightlight Project
VML Sydney
Ronald McDonald House Charity (RMHC) provides temporary accommodation next to hospitals for seriously ill children and their families. Sadly, up to 30 families a week are turned away from RMHC houses due to lack of space. The Nightlight Project provides additional accommodation to families when RMHC houses have reached capacity, using Airbnb. It activates hosts around hospitals to donate their rooms or entire properties to the cause. This ensures every family has a free place to stay, every night - even when RMHC houses are full. The initiative also enables RMHC to raise awareness, driving more donations to build more houses.

The Hopepage.jpgUNICEF Australia: The Hopepage
VML Sydney
UNICEF faces fundamental challenges in getting donations. People are either put off by the effort of making a donation, or don't have the spare cash to give. VML Sydney removed those barriers and made donating as easy as opening a tab in your web browser. The Hopepage lets you contribute some of your computer's spare processing power to mine cryptocurrency, which is then automatically donated to UNICEF to fund life-saving aid for children in crisis. It's a new way for people to donate, without giving money. Plus an entirely new revenue stream for UNICEF to be deployed as emergencies arise.


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