Cherie Davies' Cannes Diary #3

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 8.06.19 am.jpgCherie Davies (left), creative director at Sudler Sydney is representing Australia on the Cannes Health & Wellness Lions jury. Davies, along with most of the other Australian and NZ jurors writes exclusively for CB.

Locked in the deliberation room for day 2 of jury duty to decide the fate of the entries submitted into Lions Health.

It was another day of culling and another day of trying to find the work that moved us most and made us believe in the product/brand being promoted. Each of our jury members come from different backgrounds with unique views of the work and every single one cares about creativity and the endless push of creativity in health.
Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 8.06.28 am.jpgThe festival itself is starting to take shape and it's very cool to see it come together that bit more each day.

Tomorrow we begin shortlisting and some hefty debate is inevitable. We've seen brilliant work that would actually move the needle and create real change. Things that made us laugh out load and those that touched our hearts, even brought some to tears. It will be interesting to see where the bar is ultimately going to be set and by which pieces of work. Also, how hard individuals are willing to fight for an idea they believe in.

Maybe tomorrow will see moments that resemble scenes from "12 Angry Men". Will there be clear cut verdicts or not? I seriously doubt any of the jury members would ever get angry but potentially it will be the "10 [Fiery, Passionate,....] Creatives". Time will tell.

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