Cherie Davies' Cannes Diary #5

image1.jpgCherie Davies (far right), creative director at Sudler Sydney is representing Australia on the Cannes Health & Wellness Lions jury. Davies, along with most of the other Australian and NZ jurors writes exclusively for CB.

I've woken this morning feeling a touch lighter (not in kg's as I've eaten my weight in pastries) but after a month of online judging and 5 days not seeing the light of day, tonight the wait is over and the winners will finally be announced.
Our judging for Health Lions wrapped at 2am, it was an epic day. Unlike 12 angry men, there were no dramatic outbursts. Everyone had a chance to voice their opinions and be heard. Each piece of work had it's time and was considered. Arriving at an unanimous winners verdict does not come easily. What seems to be a decisive winner verdict as deliberations begin, slowly becomes a questionable "not sure".

Before I can totally relax, we have a jury press conference to attend. Not sure what to expect but my aim will be to not say anything stupid amongst my more press savvy fellow jurors. Whether I come out unscathed is yet to be seen, but after it's done it'll be time to celebrate either way!

I expect to see a lot of smiles and potentially a few daggers that will undoubtedly come our way, but I stand by our results and feel so honoured to have been part of the Cannes Lions Health jury.

Congratulations to all winners at Lions Health this year.

See you back in Oz. Have some pastries ready for me so my palate can slowly acclimate back to a normal diet.

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